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On October 1, 2010 the administration of AVFinance announced the opening of the program for online investors

On October 1, 2010 the administration of AVFinance (avfinance.com) announced the opening of the program for online investors and promised to provide qualitative and professional investment services. HYIPNews.com started monitoring the work of this project right from the first day. During the time of its operating AVFinance has showed good results. It faced DDoS attack which was fought successfully. After that unpleasant event the DDoS protection was upgraded with the BlockDos.net.

The administration has also added a lot of monitors which is a good sign too (if you want to find out why read this very interesting article written by our CEO, Why HYIP Admins Must Have Money). All of them show a “Paying” status which means that program pays everyone without problems. AVFinance is also actively promoted and therefore has become quite popular.

The latest news from the administration of AVFinance.com is the information about Swiss office. It has been finally legally registered. Therefore now the team of the program is able to support the members from United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland. It is also informed that:

“Swiss central bank will make it easier than before to make deposit via bank wire to non-USA investors. Our Next good news is that we will give share certificate from central bank of the Swiss in the name of investor for members who make deposit higher than $5000”

The support service at AVFinace is provided in two ways – a phone support (you can call using one of the three US phone numbers, UK phone numbers or one of the three phone numbers in Switzerland) and email support. The administration assure you that both phone and email support is provided 24/7.

We are waiting for new updates from AVFinance and remind you that you can find this program in our HYIP-list:

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