Updated: 11/10/2010 15:45
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I'm sure many of you have experienced some difficulties while trying to enter the website of EnzexFinance (enzexfinance.com) today. The site is...

I'm sure many of you have experienced some difficulties while trying to enter the website of EnzexFinance (enzexfinance.com) today. The site is unavailable at the moment and the reason of this problem had been unknown until recently. The administration of the program has sent out a newsletter informing about the reasons of the site being inaccessible:

“During the last 24 hours our website has been under a heavy DDoS attack.”

They assure that everything is being done to fight this attack successfully but some people might still have difficulties trying to access the website. It is also promised that this attack will not have any effect on the successful investment performance of EnzexFinance and that this is just a temporary inconvenience caused by scammers.

We hope that EnzexFinance.com will be back soon and this problem really won't have any influence. Such a long downtime is not a very good start for a program that has been just recently launched. I remind you that EnzexFinance has been online for 6 days. It is monitored by HYIPNews.com and you can find it in our catalog hyip monitor

By the way the website of OrbisTrends (orbistrends.com) was unavailable today as well however this problem was solved very quickly. I also want to tell you about a great work of support team at OrbisTrends.com. We contacted them regarding the problem with the website and received a response 25 minutes later with the explanation of the situation.

We were informed about technical problems with program's uplink provider at that moment and were assured that technical department was working hard to fix all issues. And then, an hour and a half later we received another email with the information that the problem had been successfully fixed. Now the website is available and OrbisTrends keeps operating. Such support service is an example of how a good support service must be provided.

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