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The third release of a regular blogs survey welcomes you. In this issue we will try to highlight all mentioned programs, as well as significant events and publications, which took place late last week - at the beginning of this week. If you think that an important event or an interesting article is not mentioned, you can always report it in the comments to this news.

During the highlighted period the reviews/interviews of following programs were published: Tetra Metals (tetrametals.com), AssetManagement, GrandCentralFx (granscentralfx.com) FxEconomy (fxeconomy.com) and FelixFunds (felixfunds.com). Our author, Tony HYIPBlogger supported a project called Club Asterla (club-asteria.com). 

And let's get to the news of programs. 144CashAds (144cashads.com) announced a $10 bonus for those who invest in the 6th investment plan of the program. We remind you that you have to be an investor of all previous investment plans if you want to become an investor of the 6th plan. EarnPlaza (earnplaza.com) faced a DDoS attack last week. There is a chance that Seaboardholding (seaboardholding.com) will come back. According to some investors, they received payments from the admin of this project. However, monitors still believe that the program is NOT PAYING and therefore it is better to stay away from the project for now.

Walwex (walwex.com) started taking deposits via PerfectMoney. The admin of DiamondStarFund (diamondstarfund.com) sent out an email in which he informed about possible errors and problems in the program. They will be happy to receive feedback and solve any problems of their clients.

And finally let us tell you about the projects that have been closed. First of all, it is EthanolB (ethanolb.com). It seems that the sugar industry in South America is not such a profitable business, as we were assured by Mario. The story of gold miner named Digger Fendy (diggerfendy.biz) also ended in failure. The website is disabled and the admin is selecting a new host (although he is engaged in the issues regarding the organization of business and not of a HYIP). The administrator promises to configure a new engine in order to pay off investors and to continue if it is possible therefore the program might be back online.

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