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The admin of PawnShopFund ( has introduced some changes and announced them in the latest newsletter. The first one is about the new...

The admin of PawnShop-Fund ( has introduced some changes and announced them in the latest newsletter. The first one is about the new option of adding additional amount of deposit to investors account by clicking at make deposit to account link in users member area:

For example you are having 75$ in your account balance from earnings and you wish to add 25$ more to invest in the Long Term Plan. By this feature you an add the 25$ directly to your PSF account balance and invest along with your 75$ in the Long Term Plan as now the total available amount in your account balance is 100$

The second announcement informs that from now on regular program updates are going to be sent out twice a week. In such way all new updates and news regarding PawnShop-Fund will be announced much quicker and therefore investors will be always informed about all changes and innovations.

The third announcement concerns the configuring of Exchange Center. You can exchange your LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney to AlertPay ecurrency using this Center. Frederick, the admin of PawnShop-Fund informs that the most requested exchange was AP to PM/LR however such exchange is impossible due to the AP terms.

To Exchange your Lr/Pm currency you can use your account balance or you can add more by using the Make Deposit to Account feature. Once you made the exchange you can withdraw the exchanged sum to your AP account instantly.

Exchanges are made instantly and the exchange rate is 5%. You can enter this center by clicking the currency exchange link in your member area. Frederick also promises to introduce more improvements soon. Read all information about PawnShop-Fund in our Review here: Pawnshop Fund Short Review

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