Updated: 11/12/2010 17:26
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UnitedStockMarket (unitedstockmarket.biz) started operating just a few days ago and they already have a problem. Three days after the start Leslie James (the administrator) announced that he decided to pay manually due to hackers attack. It remains unknown what hackers wanted to steal from a program that had worked for three days.

If you look closer at UnitedStockMarket, you will see that the program is bad not only because of its problems. The most important thing is that they offer 11% daily interest. Of course, such programs do not operate for a long time. Such high interest is very risky and it may well happen that you wont get paid in this project.

One of our agents informed us that UnitedStockMarket (unitedstockmarket.biz) does not pay. He drew attention to the fact that on the payments page (https://unitedstockmarket.biz/index.php?a=paidout) you can find a list of payments to HYIP monitors, but you can not see the payouts to investors. As you can see, now investors are also among the recipients of payments and monitors posted in the list in a row can be explained very simply.

UnitedStockMarket pays manually and it is not surprising that the first who the admin pays are monitors. Unfortunately, it is a usual strategy for the development of programs. If you do not mind this approach and you dont find anything wrong with the start of this project, you may risk.

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