Updated: 11/12/2010 13:38
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The answer is there is no reason for you to create API. This way of stealing investors money has become very popular lately

The answer is: there is no reason for you to create API. This way of stealing investors' money has become very popular lately. The scenario is always the same. The program claims that the payouts are instant. Then payouts stop being instant and the administration sends out a newsletter informing about the necessity of creating API for LibertyReserve if you want to receive your pending withdrawal. However they do not do it to help you! It is done with the only aim to steal your money.

We have received reports from a couple of our readers informing that the administrator of Stablearn (stablearn.com) sends out such emails. As you already now from our Blogs Survey 1 this program scammed two weeks ago, ALL monitors show a NOT PAYING status however the website is still online and the admin of Stablearn.com is desperately trying to steal investors money.

He does not pay and investors don't receive their profit. There are very many unexperienced investors in the industry and they are the target for this admin. He says in the email: You need to Create API for LR/PM to receive payment instantly. and then explains how to do it. Those investors might believe him because they want their money and then after following the instructions they will find out that all their money from LR account is gone.

Another report concerns HYIP called 5DayTrade (5daytrade.com). The admin of this program also sends out emails asking investors to create API: Hello dear member. Your withdrawal request was not processed because of our recent changes in script. I am very sorry for not sending you an earlier newsletter.. Then he explains how to do this just like all other admins who sent out similar emails. The investment status of 5DayTrade is also NOT PAYING on ALL monitors but the website is online and the admin definitely doesn't want to leave HYIP industry.

Beware and do not do what they ask if you want to save your money! Read about more ways of stealing your money used by dishonest admins before disappearing: Last Ditch Efforts to Drain Money

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