Updated: 11/15/2010 15:08
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Another program has just recently experienced a DDoS attack. This time the victim is RoboticInvest ( However it was fought...

Another program has just recently experienced a DDoS attack. This time the victim is Robotic-Invest ( However it was fought successfully and the admin of the project seems to be very optimistic and not disappointed at all. His newsletter is very inspirational and is not like typical newsletters which are sent by admins after such DDoS attacks.

The downtime lasted only for 30 minutes. The attack was extremely powerful but the problem was solved very quickly thank to the efforts of BlackLotus. was available again right away. In the newsletter the admin apologizes for any inconveniences which you had if you tried to make a deposit during the time of attack.

He assumes that some admin of other HYIP believes that Robotic-Invest is powerful competitor and therefore decided to attack and hired a huge network of bots (3,000 computers were used for the attack). He also says that they are not scared of such actions and will promote the program even more. Unfortunately for all competitors, the DDoS protection used by Robotic-invest is very effective therefore the admin made a joke that they should try harder next time :)

All IP addresses of network of bots were blocked by BlackLotus therefore it will be impossible for them to attack other HYIPs that use the services of BlackLotus. was launched in the end of September but it has started active promotional campaign just recently. It currently has a Paying status on all monitors and has recently introduced some major changes. Our news about them can be found here: Changes at RoboticInvest

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