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Everyone is probably already aware of the tragedy of Unlimity (unlimity.biz). Their system failed. The administrator of the project describes the...

Everyone is probably already aware of the tragedy of Unlimity (unlimity.biz). Their system failed. The administrator of the project describes the consequences of this failure in an official newsletter which he sent out after the problem occurred. Here is a summary of this email.

It is informed that 50-60% of program's database is damaged. It will take 1-2 weeks to restore the system and it is not entirely clear why this happened. The admin says that if you send an email and didn't get a response, it means that your email was not received. He also says that it has been a serious reduction in the number of new deposits and therefore the team of Unlimity.biz tried hard to find out the reasons of this problem.

It turned out that one of them was the Russian forum mmgp.ru. Alan, the admin of Unlimity informs that such actions on your part are destroying the project and you should remember that none of HYIPs is engaged in real activity. Survival depends entirely on the flow of new funds and if these funds are not invested the project dies. He promises to solve the problem with database and to come back if investors' negative votes don't destroy Unlimity completely.

Well, that was a brief content of the newsletter. The most important thing is what kind of conclusions can be made, what to think about the situation in general and Unlimity.biz in particular and it is also important to predict its further development. Personally we agree with many experienced investors and some bloggers who are quite skeptical.

It is up to you whether to believe this admin or not but it seems like he makes selective payouts meaning he pays monitors but does not pay investors (we have received a couple of reports already) and therefore it is quite a strange failure. On the other hand, this problem might be real. Anyway, some monitors have already changed the status of Unlimity.biz to “Not Paying” and it had started having problems. Therefore it is not safe for you to invest! At least for now.

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