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The administration of CazaInvestment sent out couple of newsletters informing about the addition of a new short term plan

New Plans New Plans New Plans that is the trend these days. The administration of CazaInvestment ( sent out couple of newsletters informing about the addition of a new short term plan. The plan is named “Caza Explosive”. The term for this plan is 12 days and investing in it will give you 12% daily interest. The minimum amount to invest is $100 and this plan is limited to a maximum amount of $5,000. The option to compound your interest is also available. The principle will not be returned that means the daily interest will include your principle. So the total return after 12 days will be 144%. has been paying and investors who invested at the beginning are surely enjoying nice profit. There are two more plans which Cazainvestment offers, first one runs for a period of 45 days giving 3.2% interest daily and the second one runs for a period of only 21 days giving 6.5% interest daily. The minimum to invest in the first plan is $10 whereas the minimum in the second plan is $50. The principle amount is returned in the second plan but not in the first one. Interest in the first plan can be withdrawn daily but in the second plan interest can be withdrawn on weekly basis. The second plan pays 6.5% daily interest with principle amount returned at the end so it is a high paying plan which could affect the sustainability of this program.

The administration of Cazainvestment apologies to those who invested in the “CazaExecutive” plan as this plan has been disabled and from now on the interest will be added manually. It does not appear to be good sign because if the program stays for long and many investors joining this plan, then it will be very difficult for the administration to add interest manually to each account.

In my opinion Cazainvestment already had a highly paying plan and if the program is performing well I think that there was no need for any new plan as the program is not that old (28 days old only). Anyways we are still waiting for the addition of Solid Trust Pay and Bank Wire, it will be a good sign if these payment options are added but will they be added? Let us wait and see.

P.S. You can find all news about this program here: Search for hyips news from

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