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Greetings, dear readers. Finally, our survey is released on Tuesday, as we initially intended. Unfortunately, we managed to post it on Wednesday last...

Greetings, dear readers. Finally, our survey is released on Tuesday, as we initially intended. Unfortunately, we managed to post it on Wednesday last week. So, congratulations to us. Perhaps this happened because of the new name of this column. Yes, we have decided to delete the word "blogs" from the title because we are going to use not only blogs but also forums and reports of our agents as sources for writing this survey. Since most information in the field of high-yield investments is repeated, our news feed informs about almost all updates and events. This column has been created with the purpose to inform you about everything that was not published in the main publications. We inform about all facts and events which took place and observations that were made over the past four days (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon).

Openings. RoboticInvest (robotic-invest.com) has been active for several weeks. It was also reviewed in the end of last week. The growing popularity of the project makes some people envious and it has recently been under DdoS attack. We wrote about it here. Some other programs were also mentioned on blogs: InvGenerator (invgenerator.com), CazaInvestment (cazainvestment.com) (old program that keeps steadily promoting itself), TetraMetals (tetrametals.com), RevenueBuild (revenue-build.com), Felix Funds (felixfunds.com) and TerraProfits (terra-profits.com). An hourly program called Konstant (konstant.biz) has been launched. By the way, today we have written news about programs of such types.

Closures. It is quite strange but there havent been many closures this week. Apart from those about which you could read on the pages of our newspapers, FinanceCity (finance-city.biz) has closed. A few days earlier this project was reviewed but then immediately stopped working. Unfortunately, as you can see a review does not guarantee stability.

Be careful. The administrator of PawnShopFund (pawnshop-fund.com) reported that someone sends out emails on his behalf. We remind you about this again. Be careful and send this warning to others.

Events. Flamanta added AlertPay. OilStructure (oilstructure.com) added a fourteenth language. This time it is Pakistani. TetraMetals (tetrametals.com) admin has announced that he will add STP and AP soon.

HYIP Blogs. Our author of Weekly Walk column has published a very interesting article on his blog. It tells how a HYIP monitor operates. You can read this article by following this link: hyipblogger.com/1948/hyip-monitors

HYIP Forums. Many people have noticed that there has been a redistribution of forces on HYIP forums. For example, TalkGold is no longer a leading forum. Investors communicate much more actively on DTM. Indeed, if you look at threads recently started by TG, you will notice that they are quite boring. There are either discussions of bots or spamming/advertising. When we tried to post some interesting information on this forum, we received repeated warnings and now we can see what it led to. For example, lets take a look at the topic titled «Main Source of Online Income". Despite the fact that this thread was started on one of the supposedly most popular HYIP related forums, even half of the panelists seem to be not active HYIP investors!

By the way, there is an opportunity to post payment proofs and discuss the program separately on GoldenTalk. You can say what you think about the program and even post news (!). This is an important difference in approach and it really affects the situation on these forums.

Agents Report
. One of our agents has recently reported that the website of Gets Gain (GetsGain.com) displays the access error. We have checked this information and discovered that the site is not available at all. Today we have received a response from GetsGain, which explains that the cause of problems with access was DdoS attack. Here is the text of an official update: we already settled the issue and everything would is back to the normal situation due to improving our data center peformance.

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