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Another report has been recently received: “hello, it seems that "Instant Liberty" and "Profit Champion" have problems or are scams, these are ...

Another report has been recently received:

“hello, it seems that "Instant Liberty" and "Profit Champion" have problems or are scams, these are "short term" very recent. I have a pending withdrawal on each, so if they fail to pay small amounts ..... they will not pay more money ..... “

The names of these two HYIPs were unknown to us therefore we started checking all possible information about them in order to figure out wheter they are safe or not. Let’s start with Profit-Champion. When you enter the website of the program, the first thing you see is extremely high interest rates: 650% after 45 minutes, 1250% after 12 hours, 2750% after 1 day, 19800% after 1 week. You might even get a random bonus which is $200, $100, $50 and $25 accordingly. What a nice offer! Of course, any unexperienced investor will be attracted by such high rates and by the opportunity to make a lot of money quickly.

There is also information about the date when the program was launched. According to this information, it happened on November 11, 2010. If you try to look for some reviews or discussions, you won’t find them. This should be a signal for you because it means that this program is unpopular, the administration does not make any efforts to promote it because they do not need it. Their target is unexperienced investors who will see high rates, who will open their “monitors” page, see that there are many HYIP monitors there showing “paying” status and will invest because they don’t know that all those monitors are also scams.

Now let’s take a look at Instant-Liberty. The situation is the same. It offers 450% after 10 minutes and 2500% after 1 hour!!! Besides, those who refer 10 active investors will get a $300 bonus. What a wonderful program! It is also not discussed anywhere, was launched on November 12, 2010 and is listed on scam monitors. I want to help you check it out because it is very important for all online investors to recognize such dishonest and dangerous monitors.

If you open pages with monitors on both and and compare them, you will see that they are listed on the same HYIP monitors which are not famous and promote scam programs. Some monitors’ icons are even placed twice (in different color or design) to make it seem like the program is listed on many HYIP monitors. For example the icon of (in both programs) and of (on If you visit you will see spelling mistakes even in the heading. Look: “Top HYIP Moniter Advertiseng” :)

Our answer to our reader is : Yes, these programs are dangerous and it is better not to invest in such risky projects. Remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch! Read more about such programs in my article called Super Scam Programs.

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