Updated: 11/17/2010 16:46
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If you type hyipnews in search engine line, you will see three news on the top of search results page. They are very important

If you type “hyipnews” in search engine line, then you will see three news on the top of search results page. They are very important. If you click the first one, you will be able to read all news about this project ( the second one informs: STAY AWAY FROM EUROINVESTONLINE, and the third news is: EUROINVESTONLINE EXTENDS THE FRAMES OF FRAUD. Today we can officially announce the closure of

The website is gone and the administration does not pay. It is interesting that before the closure of the project its administration had sent out an official newsletter offering an incredible plan: 115% After 1 Day! (the minimum deposit was ONLY $ 49). I remind you that this project offered around 8 investment plans in total and the newest one was opened the day before closure. As you can see, suddenly introduced plans are at least suspicious.

I hope our readers saw our warnings and did not invest in this dangerous project. We do our best to inform you about such projects as early as possible and we will keep doing it.

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