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The administration of Umsamofund ( has made a lot of updates recently. It has been informed by the administration that the plan named White Rhino will be set to hold. Every investor who had invested in this plan will continue getting the interest but new investment in this plan will not be accepted anymore. The administration also informs that in future when the initial stage of this project is repeated this plan will be available for investments. A very important note that I found on the website is posted below which will make you clear about the Hold status of a plan:

The label "HOLD" does not mean that this plan has been frozen. This is not right! This label means that such plans have fully funded and they do not require any additional investor's deposits at this moment. However, we continue fulfilling financial liabilities to investors in accordance with this investments plan. As soon as we re-run the appropriate stage of the project we will set the status of "ACTIVE" for this plan and we will continue to accept investor's deposits to finance the restartable stage of the project. We will set the status of "DONE" for this plan when we complete fulfillment financial liabilities to investors and if we needn't re-run such a stage of project again.

With the closure of one plan the administration of Umsamofund has announced the beginning of two new plans. The first plan is named Big Elephant and the payments are instant for this plan. The term for this plan is 90 days. The interest rate for this plan is 2.50%. The daily interest will include your principle amount so the total ROI will be 225% for this plan. The minimum amount of investment is kept at $100 and the maximum is limited to $7,000. The minimum amount of investment ($100) in this plan is for a limited time and the administration informs that this minimum amount will be increased in the near future.

Another new plan which has been introduced is named Martial Eagle. The administration informs that this plan has been introduced because they got the opportunity to obtain licenses for their first European gambling site with a great discount. That is not all as the administration is offering a bonus of 10% on the investment amount as a promotional offer for this plan. The term for this plan is 35 days with daily interest of 3.42%. The principle amount is included in the daily interest so the total return will be 119.70%. The minimum amount for investment is $20 and the maximum limit is $250.

The administration of Umsamofund started a contest, the period of which has been extended. Actually it is the first contest that was introduced at In order to participate in this contest you just need to prepare a website telling about Umsamofund and that website should contain your referral link. You can check the complete details about this contest here: There is good reward for the winners so you can try out your luck.

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