Updated: 11/17/2010 16:19
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Just yesterday we wrote that you should be careful with programs that pay hourly and have already received the information that confirms this statement. The website of the program mentioned in the news (hourly-instant.com) is unavailable! Now it says: “We are having unscheduled maintenance right now. Site will work soon, please check in a 20 minutes”.

I checked this site every 20 minutes about18 times and nothing have changed. The site is still unavailable even though 1 day has passed (which is much longer than promised 20 minutes). This is most likely the end. I'd like to know about at least one person who has received income from this project. If you invested in this project please inform us about it.

Greatstocktrade.com is also unavailable. There are rumors that Greatstocktrade is unavailable because of DdoS attack. Probably, this information has been spread due to the fact that the project was launched only 15 days ago but even 15 days is a long term for a program of such kind. Greatstocktrade.com disappeared without a trace after the closure. You can not even figure out what they were offering because the administrator of this project did not leave such information on monitors.

P.S. This information was provided by one of our agents. You can find out more about our network of agents here.

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