Updated: 11/17/2010 15:16
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Yesterday we received a report from one of our readers regarding the program called GrandCetralFX (grandcentralfx.com). Here it is: &ldquo...

Yesterday we received a report from one of our readers regarding the program called GrandCetralFX (grandcentralfx.com). Here it is:

“GrandCentalFX site down.
Hope its a technical glitch, cause I have invested there.
Well there is no real reason to scam out so early also their program was paying a decent profit nothing outrageous.
Can't really say what in Admins minds these days ???
Anyway please check out.”

Of course we have checked this information and that’s what we found out. The website of GrandCentralFX is really inaccessible at the moment. All you can see is a default website page. It is quite surprising because the program seemed to be developing, the admin regularly sent out newsletters informing about all changes and improvements (we wrote about it here and here)

Almost all HYIP monitors show a “Paying” status except for a few of them which have already awarded this program with a “Problem” status. HYIP forums are also not helping investors understand the situation with GrandCentralFX because the discussions on them are not active and there are no reports regarding the problem with this program. However, the worst thing is that there is no explanation from the admin.

Of course, it might well be a technical problem but in that case he would have explained what happened because he always informed about the news of the project. Let’s wait and see what happens. The good thing is that it is impossible to make a deposit now therefore if the program is gone forever, at least no one else will lose money. We have already contacted the admin of GrandCentralFX and this news will be updated as soon as he responds. We thank our reader for this report!

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