Updated: 11/18/2010 15:55
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Matt, the administrator of Earnplaza sent a newsletter informing about the script problems due to which the site went offline yesterday

Matt, the administrator of Earnplaza (earnplaza.com) sent out a newsletter informing about the script problems due to which the site went offline for some time yesterday. The problem was dealt with quickly by the administration and it has been informed that such problems will not occur in future.

Before the website went offline Matt sent out a newsletter informing about some important rules of Earnplaza. Lots of investors keep on asking some common questions which the administration of Earnplaza decided to compile together. The first question is "I have deposited $100 into a 5 days plan, why I have received only $110 instead of $210?" The answer to this question is quite simple as the plan does not include principle return at the end of the term so in total return on investment will be 110%.

The second question is "Can I make a deposit thought my AlertPay credit/debit card balance?" The answer to this question is "NO". The third question is "I have made a deposit yesterday, but today I decided that I dont want to invest. Can i get my money back?" The answer to this question is "NO". Earnplaza does not allow early principle withdrawal which is clearly written in the rules on the website so if you have invested you will need to wait till the end of the investment turn.

The fourth question is "I made a deposit three days ago but my account balance is still showing $0, why?" The answer to this question is quite clear as the plans are "paid on expiry plans" so the total amount that is your principle amount and the profit will be credited to your account for withdrawal only after the term expires. The fifth and final question is "My deposit has been expired but there is still no money at my account balance, why?" The answer to this question is that your plan might have not finished yet so you just need to check back a little later. If the problem is not solved you can contact support.

The administration also informs that if anyone faces any problems you just need to contact Earnplaza's support and not AlertPay support. It has also been informed that many investors are sending payment requests through AlertPay and not by logging into their account at Earnplaza. The administration says that such requests will be ignored. There has been lot of requests from investors for Asian support especially a phone and live support. Investors will get to see Korean support from the coming Monday and the administration is working on the live chat as well.

It has been reminded that very soon Earnplaza will be two months old and on such occasion the administration will send random bonuses to active investors again. There is still AlertPay weekly special going on and so anyone who invests using AlertPay this week will get a 6% bonus to investment amount. You will need to email support in order to get the bonus. P.S. You can find all news about this program here: Search for hyips news from earnplaza.com

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