Updated: 11/19/2010 10:32
Hyip Monitor

One of our agents, who likes checking and inspecting programs, has recently noticed It is listed on the monitor called which shows $30 as the amount of the monitoring deposit. This money is invested in the project in order to monitor whether it to pays or not and has allegedly invested $30 in Our agent decided to check this information out ...

On most standard HYIP scripts there is an external statistics. Everything is displayed there: the lifetime of the program, the amount of invested funds, the amount of paid out funds and so on. This tool is often used to raise the status of the project. Statistics is usually inflated or embellished in order to raise this status. Statistics found on the site is one of that kind. By the way, they use unlicensed GoldCoders (or it is not GoldCoders).

In this statistics it was found out that there is no one named among those who invested $112 in the program at the moment. Moreover, no one has invested the same amount! That's very "curious", as our most active agent says.

There might be several explanations. And all of them are great pleasure for those who love conspiracy. The first explanation is that is a liar. The core of deception is that they haven’t invested any money and the status is fake. The second theory explains a situation differently. According to it is a liar. Statistics on this website is fake, the information is false and it is better to stay away from this program.

The third theory accuses both participants of this story and explains everything saying that both projects are liars. Or that they are both liars and also help each other. Maybe it is even a joint project. Choose any to your taste. Although, of course, you can assume that we deal with a simple failure which, incidentally, may well be true because $100 as the amount of the deposit is not very impressive and it is senseless to falsify the statistics. We want you to make your own conclusions.


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