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Welcome to the regular survey of HYIP information. I remind you that our surveys help find out about all interesting events happening on HYIP blogs,...

Welcome to the regular survey of HYIP information. I remind you that our surveys help find out about all interesting events happening on HYIP blogs, forums and monitors over the past three days: who was mentioned, who did something and who was noticeable. All this information is here.

Over the past three days, reviews of the following programs were published: InvGenerator (invgenerator.com), Konstant (konstant.biz), Smartex-Investments (smartex-investment.com), Bariumargin (bariumargin.com) and Finansima (finansima.com). The projects Tetrametals (tetrametals.com), VetcoGray (vetcogray.biz), Informal-investors (informal-investors.com) and TopArb (toparb.com) were also mentioned in news. Interesting information about VetcoGray can be found here.

Closures. Unfortunately, more than 10 projects have stopped paying or closed this week. Here are the most notable of them: WorldPrivateFunds (worldprivatefunds.com), TheInvestMen (theinvestmen.com) and Hourly-Profit (hourly-profit.com). Although, I think we can consider Hourly-profit closed since the last week. By the way, the admin of this project had apparently informed before the closure that the problem with access to the site was caused by the problems of hosting DdoSwiz. It could well be the cause of death of the hourly program! Another closed project is Mconivest (mcoinvest.com). As far as I understand, some of our readers have received only 11 out of 13 payments.

Be careful. Robotic-Invest (robotic-invest.com) might have problems in the nearest future. The situation with this project becomes more unclear each day and it is better not to invest in it. In addition, many market participants are confused by the rapid development of EarnPlaza (earnplaza.com). This is certainly good that they are developing so quickly these days but do not forget that you should invest in that project which WILL be popular but not in the one that is popular now.

Events. This week, many events were related to unavailability of the websites and DdoS. For example, a famous project RedOrchidInvest (redoinvest.com) faced DdoS. The websites of Yes-Investment (yes-investment.com) and GainBucks (gainbucks.com) were also inaccessible. Tony, HYIPBlogger believes that the reason is DdoSWiz.

Contests. FelixFunds (felixfunds.com) tries to gain popularity among investors and started another contest. In addition, they updated a script of the website and added shout box. RussianOilFund (russianoilfund.com) also continues competition. This time those who inform about ROF in their Twitter have a chance to get the prize.

The administrator of EthanolB (ssl.ethanolb.com) has appeared out of nowhere. He appeared on a blog's chat yesterday saying that all pending withdraws will be processed within 72 hours.

Agents Report (About Agency).
In the middle of this week a lot of programs struck our agents as suspicious. Of course, these programs are not necessarily frauds and probably will operate for some period of time. However, such programs have less chance for development and success. If we have noticed them, then other investors might notice them too. At long last, the ideal project should not have any disadvantages.

For example, workingcapitalgp.com was launched on January 15, 2010 but the first payment proofs appeared on October 1, 2010. Of course, many administrators overestimate the lifetime of their projects but in this case it is too obvious. And such serious lies can be rarely found in serious projects. In addition, this project has an ambiguous page called management. The names of Nicole S. Jones and Mark E. Konen can be easily found among the executives of Linkoln Investment Group. It is very silly to use pseudonyms that can found in Google so easily. And it is not allowed to impersonate other people and to use their photos. Or are they the same people?

Another check helps find interesting information about phone numbers and addresses which are published by the administration on the website. For example, successfulearn.com posted address which can be easily found. It is the address of HostGator headquarters. Of course, their office can be anywhere inside or under this building, it might just be unavailable in open information sources but such a simple check makes you think about this fact. And I hope that it has made you think thanks to the efforts of our agents.

Take care of yourself and those you love.

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