Updated: 11/19/2010 12:35
Hyip Monitor

Recently we have written about domain names and mentioned as an example in that article: HYIPs Domain Names or Subdomains. We got interested in this project because its domain name consists of three words instead of two as in most cases ( We decided to test what kind of impact such domain name has on the project. But our experiment is unlikely to be continued.

The thing is that there are too many questions regarding the website For example, the page votes clearly shows a lot of fake testimonials. For example there are testimonials from monitors saying that they got paid and the project is great. And meantime there are icons of those monitors and they show Waiting statuses! Another problem is phone numbers. One of our agents checked the numbers and found out that the geographic location of their registration is a desert! Personally, I do not know how to verify this information, but it seems to be suspicious. Actually, it is very suspicious.

Of course, the domain name also raises many questions. Our agents, for example, have reasonably decided that this domain name means belonging to a site, and not to the domain zone However, the website does not sell domain names. Of course, the domain name which consists of three words naturally raises questions. For example, is definitely registered on free hosting but in case with a paid Romanian hosting is used. It is important to note that after all, potential investors paid attention to the domain name of this project and it clearly did not work in favor of this HYIP. Therefore all admins should keep this in mind.


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