Updated: 11/19/2010 14:47
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TerraProfits is a very promising project. It has a good design, attractive and realistic plans from 1.2 per cent daily

Terra-Profits ( is a very promising project. It has a good design, attractive and realistic plans (from 1.2% daily). And most importantly, a lot of reviews have been written about it. It has also managed to attract quite a lot of attention. Terra-Profits appeared in almost every release of our HYIP Information Survey (Search for hyips news from survey). However now is not the best time for this project..

On November 16 the website disappeared and was missing for about 24 hours. We often pay attention to projects that disappear suddenly. It was such a case. A good start and immediate disappearance ... but the site has come back and even resumed payments. However two problems still remain.

The first one is not serious. The administration has lost history of the transaction for November 16. More precisely, it was not lost but simply was not accounted due to technical problems. As a result, all withdrawal requests were not processed. The administration has solved this problem very simply and beautifully: “if you already withdrew your earnings for the 16th of November, you will be able to withdraw them again. Consider it a bonus for unexpected outage”. This offline problem has passed almost unnoticed. Except for the second problem.

This problem lies in the fact that during the absence of it was written: "We are having unscheduled maintenance right now. Site will work soon, please check in a 20 minutes". The thing is that, firstly, information about the 20 minutes is a lie, and secondly, exactly the same message was displayed on the sites and (!). The first one has been already closed and the second program pays 130% after 1 day meaning it will be closed soon.

This unexpected and awkward movement of Terra-Profits greatly undermines confidence in this project. Of course, the launch of several projects by one administrator is not surprising but other projects of this group are not very successful. Of course, it is only in case if we are dealing with one group of projects. The fact is unproven and it is possible that this is just pure coincidence.

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