Updated: 11/22/2010 15:25
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HYIPNews.com is a site with a seven-year history and almost every member of our team has been engaged in high-yield investing for several years. Therefore, we are used to everything. That is why we believe that success is possible only with proper regard to events happening in the field of high-yield investing. Addresses of programs, information about the real business, interest, promises – these are components of the game. However, the game should not be played if you do not play by the rules and do not comply with certain limits. It seems that AVFinance has crossed the line and broken the rules.

Late last week we published the news about the fact that AVFinance had introduced a new plan and sent out an email which was almost identical to the email sent by PerfectMoney.us. You can read this news here: AVFinance New Offer
We assumed that the introduction of such plan is a prelude to closure just like it was in the case with PerfectMoney.us. And despite the fact that PerfectMoney.us was quite successful, despite the fact that AVFinance continues paying us, we assumed that it was a sign of upcoming problems. Of course, considering the active promotion of AVFinance, they could continue developing but it seems like they decided to gather as much money as possible and to close. The status of payments is still positive but the alerts that we have received indicate that the program does not pay.

Tony informed us that one of his readers does not receive payments from avfinance.com. We checked this information (analyzed his account) and made sure that the problem was real:

"Please note AVFinance has turned SCAM.
1. Multiple outstanding withdrawal requests pending
2. That I was able to make small withdrawals between the larger pending withdrawals
3. Any attempt to withdraw more than twice per day is pending"

This issue would not be that bad, if not for one more nuance. If we assume that AVFinance is a project that does not operate anymore, then paying out at least a part of the sum can be regarded as a noble gesture. Even if they just want to stay in the industry for a little bit longer, it would be beneficial to investors. But what they did is too much in my opinion.

In response to a request to withdraw pending withdrawals, they said:

"Hello, Your account is not verified. Please disable IP security in your LibertyReserve account then send us your LibertyReserve (Account number, Account Password, Login pin, Transfer pin) and we will enable instant withdraw for you. "

It is even worse than requirements to create API. They do not even hide their intentions! Do not provide them with any information! And stay away from Avfinance.com.

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