Updated: 11/22/2010 14:01
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A common question which is always asked on forums has been asked on our forum today as well: I have a certain amount of money and I want to invest. Tell me, where to invest? This is one of the questions that will have to be answered to infinity. All newbies have such questions. Strategy is the way I propose to approach from. Meaning such approach allows you to answer the question: Where to invest? How much should be invested? and so on at any time (!). Actually, this is a strategy that even we sometimes use. You can use it too. You can modify it or just consider it a backup. In the future, we will tell about other options with the help of which you can make money.

For example, lets take the sum of $5,000. Let this be your initial capital. The same calculations should be applied to $1,000 and to $10,000. The first operation is partition. This amount should be divided into 20 parts. If your initial capital is just $20, you have to make a deposit of not more than $1.

All your money should not be invested at once. Do it on Mondays or at least every other day. Imagine that you have $5,000 (the same amount as our reader has on our forum). The maximum deposit is $250 (when divided by 20). Today you invest $250 in attractive project, the following Monday another $250 in another project that seems attractive to you. A few weeks later, you can add a deposit in those projects that have been proven, advertised and promoted. If the website does not have credibility, keep an eye on it and withdraw money on a daily basis. We invest applying such strategy. The most important is that such strategy requires the availability of a large number of good and reliable programs. However, unfortunately there are not so many of such programs.

By the way, you dont have to divide by 20. If you think that making 20 deposits is a lot of work for you, try to invest in 10 programs. Your initial capital should be also divided by 10. Find your strategy. Just know that these schemes exist.


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