Updated: 11/23/2010 16:33
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It is probably not a secret for you that some programs are not very original. They use other programs' logos, plans, texts, legends, ideas, etc. They do it because they want to use the success of popular HYIPs. Today we have written about that uses almost everything from the above mentioned components. And now let's take a look at the program called Smartex-Investment ( We were informed by one of our authors that this HYIP uses the same texts as It has simply copied them.

I opened the websites of both programs and started comparing. It turned out that the content is almost identical (you can also compare and see for yourself). Smartex-Investment uses the same texts and the same legend as Flamanta. It also claims to be involved in High Frequency Trading, the main page is almost identical (except for the pictures) as well as step by step page, support center page and others.

Of course, it does not mean that the program is dangerous and we believe it might operate successfully, considering the fact that it was launched 10 days ago and is already listed on many monitors that show a Paying status. However, the fact that the administration of Smartex-Investment decided to steal the content of another project makes me doubt its quality.

We have already contacted the administration of and asked them a couple of questions. We want to know whether they know about their clone or not and whether they have something to do with this project. This news will be updated as soon as we receive the response.

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