Updated: 11/23/2010 11:07
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There are many different ways of using the success of popular HYIPs. When big and successful projects operate, there are always those who want to use this prosperity to their own benefit. We have been informed about one of such programs by our agent. The project is called BerryShares (berryshares.com). I'm sure you have already noticed the similarity with CherryShares.com. It uses the same logo (although, the berries are blue and not red).

BerryShares claims to be engaged in oil business. Even though the name of the program has nothing to do with oil, the admin understands that this legend attracts many investors and uses the legend of another popular HYIP called OilStructure.com. We might also be dealing with the so-called parasite.

HYIP-parasite is a HYIP, which pays slightly lower interest than the interest of the successful project. Meaning if popular HYIP offers 2% daily, the parasite can offer 1%. Then the administration of the parasite project invest this money in successful project and gets the difference in profit.

Whatever BerryShares does in order to make money, it is clearly a low-quality project. When I started reading the description of their business on the main page, I found the text very familiar. When I checked it, I saw lots of other programs that use the same text. Just type in Our investment program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts. in search line and see for yourself.

The statistics on the main page is clearly fake too. It is informed that BerryShares.com has been online for 12 days and $18,454 have been deposited. As you can see, this amount is too large, considering the fact that the program is not promoted and is not monitored at all! We thank our agent for this interesting information and remind you that you can become one of our agents.

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