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The hero of our today's review is a program called Montcalm Trade ( This program has just started gaining momentum and we hope that...

The hero of our today's review is a program called Montcalm Trade ( This program has just started gaining momentum and we hope that you will know more about it after reading this review.

Montcalm Trade was founded by a group of independent experts and traders. An official certificate of incorporation was received in 2010 and the website was officially launched on November 2, 2010. The company is officially registered in the Republic of Malta with the headquarters in Valletta. MontcalmTrade specializes in trading at foreign currency exchange FOREX and at international commodity exchanges NYMEX, CME, CBOT, LME, CSCE and others.

Investment Plans.
Three investment plans are offered at The interest in each plan depends on the amount of your deposit:

  • Montcalm-50 lasts for 50 days offering 3.2% ($5-$200), 3.3% ($201-$1,000) and 3.4% ($1,001-$10,000) daily.
  • Montcalm-100 is designed for a period of 100 days and offers 2.4% ($10-$500), 2.5% ($501-$2,000) and 2.6% ($2,001-$20,000) daily.
  • Montcalm-150 lasts for 150 days. The daily interest is 2.2% ($20-$1,000), 2.3% ($1,001-$5,000) and 2.4% ($5,001-$50,000).

The interest is charged 7 days a week and the principal is not returned in all plans. Compounding is not possible. The longer investment plan is “ the more profit you will make in the end of the investment term. It is very important not to be confused by the fact that interest seems to be lower in longer plans.

Let's assume you have $100. If you invest in Montcalm-50, you will have 3.2% daily which is $3.2 a day. You will have $160 in the end of the term which means that pure profit is $60 (because the principal is included). If you invest $100 in Montcalm-100, you will make $2.4 a day which is $240 after 100 days. The pure profit is $140. A $100 deposit in Montcalm-150 will bring you $2.2 daily and $330 on expiry. As you have already understood, the pure profit is $230 in this case. I hope it is clear now that the longer investment plan is “ the more profit it will bring.

Referral Program.
The referral commission at is not fixed. It depends on the number of active investors referred by you: 1-25 active referrals “ 3%, 26-50 referrals “ 5%, 51 and more “ 8% commission.

Payment Options
. Montcalm Trade accepts the most popular e-currencies: PerfectMoney, AlertPay and LibertyReserve for processing both investments and withdrawals. BANK WIRE has been also recently included in the list of payment methods. This option is available for amounts larger than $2,000.

General Website Features. The design of the website is customized. It is simple and is not overloaded with any unnecessary information. You can find a Monitorings page where you can see a current payment status of The procedure of registering an account is very simple and does not take a lot of time.

Security Features. Montcalm Trade ensures that your personal information is absolutely safe and secure. The website is DDoS protected. All sensitive account data are protected technically (the website is SSL encrypted) and logistically (all users data are protected by the Non Disclosure agreement that is a part of Montcalm Trade TOS Agreement).

Contact Methods.
You can contact the representative of the program by filling in the support form on Contacts page or via Live Chat by clicking the icon on any page. Montcalm Trade is monitored by and has a PAYING status. We believe that this program has every chance of success and will inform you about all new updates.

UPDATE (12/13/2010): Status of Montcalm Trade has been changed to WAITING because of pending payouts.


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