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We are happy to present you the eighth release of our regular survey of the information in HYIP industry. All significant events, publications and the...

We are happy to present you the eighth release of our regular survey of the information in HYIP industry. All significant events, publications and the main dangers are listed here. This information will help you understand how to make the right decisions.

Openings. In this column, as always, you can find out about the projects that have been launched (or mentioned) this week. They are DailyGains (daily-gains.com) (it has been reviewed), Hyipinvestment.biz (4.5% daily), Thebrandinvest.com (2.5% daily for life), Daily-gains.com (3-5% daily for 30-60 business days), AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com), RevenueBuild (revenue-build.com) and Foxrivertrade.com.

Closures. Due to the fact that almost all problematic programs this week deserve special caution, the column "closure" consists of just one program. The project called MicroTechFund (Microtechfund.com) was shut down. However, the site keeps operating, so be careful.

Be careful. The administrator of RoboticInvest (robotic-invest.com) continues defrauding money. He offers to exchange $200 LR to $100 AP. Incidentally, such an exchange is prohibited. The administrator also continues lying about processed payments (in fact he does not pay). By the way, Vodapex keeps sending out emails and gathering money as if nothing had happened. If you want to help your colleagues (meaning the same online investors as you are) you should spread this warning. OilStructure which officially has a problematic status now, is also involved in massive distribution of scam emails. Therefore you have to be careful and tell your friends. We have also heard an opinion that the new plan of GainBucks (gainbucks.com) lacks credibility. Most likely they will not pay profit in this plan.

Agents Report (About Agency). One of our agents, sayuni, reported that it is better to stay away from HandProfits.com. Here's what he wrote: "I only join for 4days and already stop paying interest to me but the site is still there. I try to request close account a mail was sent to me that they have pay to my AP but batch no is n/a. Becareful this site will cheat more people." Furthermore, we also received complaints about Hourlypay.net and income4free.org. Incidentally, this is not the first complaint regarding income4free.org but we do not have information that would verify that the program does not pay.

Events. The column events contains all the top stories that were not covered in our daily publications. Today, it is in the midst of our survey (previously it was in the beginning). We decided that such events are not as important as warnings are. CazaInvestment (cazainvestment.com) has offered a new plan (6.5% for 21 day). 144CashAds (144cashads.com) has completed the first cycle. RedOrchidInvest (redoinvest.com) has reported about being online for 14 months. Due to this event and recent DDoS attacks the admin has introduced two website mirrors, so that investors could access their accounts in case if the main site is down.

HYIP Blogs. This week very interesting publications have been released by Lea Gao. Holidays are coming and therefore investors should be much more careful. Not only investors want to earn good money but also fraudsters, therefore you should diversify your money carefully and keep an eye on programs. We also wrote about one of the investment strategies (How HYIPNews Invests), and now we propose to look at the Leas strategy. She believes that it is better for investors to save their money until the next year and to invest only 40%. You can read the article here: http://flaxtalk.com/content/23-november-2010-movers-shakers-512/. In addition, Lea reported about the soon upgrade of engine at LionsSociety. This will happen on Monday. Everyone will be finally able to see FlaxRealty.

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