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All high-yield investors are worried about the only question due to upcoming holidays: Who will stay for the next year. Various surveys are conducted, investors ask each other and bloggers are actively making predictions. However, they were mistaken regarding PawnShop-Fund. And CherryShares was not closed but it seems like one of the leaders called OilStructure has some serious problems.

They started on Monday. We unexpectedly received an email from oilstructure.com@gmail.com about the new opportunities and a bonus. It was sent by swindlers and we wrote about it here: An Email From OilStructure. We also informed the administration of OilStructure about this problem. In that email we asked where swindlers had gotten our email address from. We haven't received a response yet.

However yesterday there were clear signs of the fact that no one had got paid for 72 hours. The payments requested for Tuesday were processed on Wednesday and that was it. Today is Friday and delays have exceeded 72 hours and some investors have reported that they have three pending requests. Our withdrawal requested on Wednesday is PENDING too.

There are reports that the representatives of OilStructure responded to some investors. They reported that there had been hacker attack and the money had been stolen. There were really some problem with LibertyReserve on Wednesday and we ourselves were not able to make transactions but the problem has been already solved. However, there are still no payouts.

Apart from a question regarding payments, there are others that remain unanswered. Why have swindlers' email addresses been removed from the main page? How did they manage to send out an email with instructions on how to receive payments to all clients of OilStructure RIGHT AFTER the first delays. Do not forget that such instruction is an attempt to get to your money!

As far as we know, OS has always withdrawn money from their PM and LR accounts. Therefore, there is still a chance that the swindlers' emails and the delays are just a coincidence and investors' money is safe. Of course, such an end of the week is not pleasant. The next two days OilStructure can officially not pay and its future will remain unknown till Monday.

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