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The industry seems to revive after several huge collapses of the leading shortterm projects. Therefore now is great time for investors to start

  • The 'Level 1' offers you to start with $10 and to get 2% daily for 90 days (as I have already said, the term is the same in all plans). The maximum deposit in it is $1,999. The interest is accrued Monday through Friday and is credited to your account at the end of each day.

The industry seems to revive after several huge collapses of the leading short-term projects. Therefore now is great time for investors to start making deposits in middle-term programs. If you think so too, then RussianOilFund is just what you are looking for. And we believe that this project is able to prove that middle-term programs are reliable! The topic of the Russian economy is very relevant now and of course its strongest field is an oil and energy sector which makes around 50% of their total GDP. So that's maybe the best legend to choose among the others of the Russian theme.

When I entered the website for the first time, I saw the oil-related design with different tankers, petrol pipes and other pictures. The site itself seems simple but at the same time there is a lot of useful information on it. The investment plans offered by RussianOilFund can be found at the bottom of the main page.

Let's take a closer look at the main points of the plans introduced to HYIP investors. You are offered to choose among four 'levels' of investing. All of them are designed for the term of 90 calendar days. Payouts are made from Monday to Friday. A principal is returned in each of four 'levels'.

'Level 2'. Well, starting from this level, the oil becomes more expensive product to invest in. The minimum amount to invest is $2,000 and the maximum is $3,499. The profit is 2.3% daily.

'Level 3' offers 2.6%. The deposit amount ranges between $3,500 and $4,999.

'Level 4'offers 2.9% for deposits larger than $5,000. In order to invest, you will need to choose among LR or PM payment processors. In order to make money in oil sector without investing in it, RussianOilFund offers the referral program with 5% commission.

You can follow the project news on Twitter or Facebook in order to know about all new updates. If you have any questions regarding the project, you can contact the support team via Live chat or Mail support (by filling out a simple form). Even though the program has been just recently launched, it is already presented on many HYIP monitors and almost all of them show a 'paying' status.

RussianOilFund is also monitored by therefore we will keep track of its development and we wish our investors to make money in this great project.


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