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In this release of our regular survey you will find out about all the major events of the past four days including Friday. We collect information from...

In this release of our regular survey you will find out about all the major events of the past four days including Friday. We collect information from all known forums, blogs and other resources devoted to high-yield online investments. This information is unscrambled and ready to use. We wish you to make a lot of right decisions.

Openings. Not so many reviews/interviews are published on weekends so the list of openings is short today: Greenvestment (greenvestment.biz), OnlineMoneyInvest (online-money-invest.com), Smartex Investment (smartex-investment.com). The latter project has been actively promoted and the cloned content of this website has not been explained yet.

Be careful. A project called EzProfit (ez-profit.net) keeps operating. The site is still available, payments are still accepted, and even its status is still positive on many monitors (!). Be careful. This is scam. Warn your friends and acquaintances by adding this page on Twitter and Facebook. We have also found out that the project called InvGenerator (invgenerator.com) has enabled instant payments. Now it is better to refrain from investing in it.

Closures. I believe that the list of programs closed during the past few days does not need to be commented. Everything is simple, unambiguously and, alas, sadly. We will say only a few words about the reasons for the closures that we managed to find out. EarnPlaza (earnplaza.com) lost $55k due to the hacking of LR account. The administrator just lost control of the situation one day. At least, according to the official version. OilStructure (oilstructure.com) was closed without explanation. The admin of GWDConline (gwdconline.com) had to close his project due to the problems with the hosting provider which has recently suspended his account.

Surprise. The website of DiggerFendy (diggerfendy.biz) has actually returned. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the future of this project (whether something will work out or not) but now it is online. Monitors still show NOT PAYING statuses but it is quite possible that money will be returned to investors in the near future.

Events. AvatarSurf (avatarsurf.com) has informed that they have 400 investors already. They have also managed to gather around $75,000 during the time of operating (which is just a couple of days). The information from the admin of AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com) has been also received. He has sent out his first newsletter. DailyGains (daily-gains.com) website was down for a while. BusinessLevel (businesslevel.biz) has presented a new plan that offers 115% after 5 days.

Problems. AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com) has recently had problems with the script. The amount of invested money is not displayed in the member area on this website. CazaInvestment (cazainvestment.com) has some pending payouts at LibertyReserve. There is also another problem. At first the difficulty was that all requests for payments were processed manually by the administrator. Then it turned out that the LR account was hacked. There have been too many hacked accounts lately, don't you find? Fortunately, there are no new complaints, the status of payments is positive and it seems like Cazainvestment is still with us.

HYIP Blogs. Bloggers were mainly engaged in writing reviews on the weekend and at the beginning of this week, therefore we decided to pay attention to regular battles of investment project which are conducted by Ecommerce-Journal. From now on we'll regularly cover them in our survey. There have been two battles over the past four days. Una Marketing (una-maketing.com) and Inv Generator (invgenerator.com) were participants in the first one. Invgenerator wins in three categories, Una-marketing wins in only one category. That is, invgenerator.com is the winner. However, as you remember (see above), it did not help Inv Generator avoid problems. While comparing the programs called Lionssociety (lionssociety.com) and Forex Interests (forexinterests.com) ECJ concluded that Lionssociety won. This is not surprising because even if you compare just the websites, you will understand that the website of LS is fairly qualitative. And the content and the scope of the project is impressive. LionsSociety is one of the best here.

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