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XSeed Finance (xseedfinance.com) is a longtermprogram that is engaged in arbitrage trading. “Arbitrage” trading is simply the trading of...

XSeed Finance (xseedfinance.com) is a long-term-program that is engaged in arbitrage trading. “Arbitrage” trading is simply the trading of securities when the opportunity exists during the trading day to take advantage of differences in value between the markets the trades are made within. The team of the program consists of eight highly skilled traders with more then 6 years of intensive educational and practical experience.

Investment Plans. XSeed Finance offers two types of investment plans and a total of 10 plans. The first type is daily and the second one is weekly. The interest depends on the amount of deposit. Because there are 10 of them, it will be easier for you to understand if you look at them in the charts:

Daily Plans

Plan Deposit Range ($) Interest per day
Daily Plan A 5 - 200 1.50 %
Daily Plan B 201 - 500 1.75 %
Daily Plan C 501 - 1000 2.0 %
Daily Plan D 1001 - 2500 2.25 %
Daily Plan E 2501 - 5000 2.50 %
  • The interest is added every business day (Monday through Friday excluding holidays).
  • You will get your first payment on the next day (if it is a business day). If you invest on Friday, you will get your first payment only on Monday.

Weekly Plans

Plan Deposit Range ($) Interest per week
Weekly Plan A 5 - 200 8.50 %
Weekly Plan B 201 - 500 9.75 %
Weekly Plan C 501 - 1000 11.0 %
Weekly Plan D 1001 - 2500 12.25 %
Weekly Plan E 2501 - 5000 13.50 %
  • The system of adding interest is different in weekly plans. For example if you invest on Saturday, you will get your first weekly profit on the next Saturday and then every Saturday. The advantage of this plan is that you will get your full weekly profit even if there are some holidays (in Daily Plans you do not have profit on holidays).

And now let's compare Daily A and Weekly A Plans. Your weekly profit in Daily Plan A will be 7.5% (do not forget that the interest is paid only on business days) if there are no holidays that week. Your weekly profit in Weekly Plan A is going to be 8.5% even if there are holidays. As you can see, the weekly plans are more profitable, however they are also riskier because you can withdraw only once a week. If you are a risk-taker, then you should definitely choose weekly plans.

You have probably noticed that the period of plans is not mentioned. The thing is that it is unlimited and you can stay in the project for as long as you wish, however, there is a fee if you withdraw earlier than 150 calendar (not business) days and you can not withdraw your principal before 25 calendar days pass:

  • 80% fee if you withdraw principal between 25-49 calendar days
  • 70% fee if you withdraw principal between 50-74 calendar days
  • 60% fee if you withdraw principal between 75-99 calendar days
  • 40% fee if you withdraw principal between 100-124 calendar days
  • 20% fee if you withdraw principal between 125-149 calendar days
  • 0% fee if you withdraw principal anytime on or after 150 calendar days

Referral Program. The referral commission at xseedfinance.com is 5%, just like in many other programs. Your referral link can be found on “Referral Program” page. There are two of them and you should choose one, depending on the e-currency you used to invest in the program.

Payment Options. You can choose either LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney at xseedfinance.com. There are only two payment options at the moment, however I communicated with the representative of the program in live chat and was told that it is possible that more payment processors will be added soon (AlertPay and Global Digital Pay).

General Website Features. The website is user-friendly and is not overloaded with useless information. Investors can find all most important information right on the main page which is very convenient. You can find a “Rate Us” page with monitors icons. There are a lot of monitors on that page which is obviously a good sign. Alexa Traffic Rank: 566,772. The website info is:

IP Location: United Kingdom
Website Status: inactive
Registration date: 17/11/2010
Paid till: 17/11/2011

Security Features. The website of XSeed Finance is DDoS protected by Dragonara which is one of the leading protection services in the industry and SSL secured by Comodo.

Contact Methods. It is very easy to contact the support team of the program. You can do it by filling out the form on “Contact Us” page, emailing to [email protected] or via Live Chat which actually works and was checked by me personally. You all know that the easiest and the quickest way to contact representatives of programs is via live chat and this great opportunity is available for you at xseedfinance.com.

The program has been just recently launched (on November 24, 2010), however it has already drawn a lot of attention. It has been actively promoted and therefore it seems like xseedfinance.com will become very popular soon. The program is monitored by many monitors which is a great sign. It can be also found in HYIP-list at HYIPNews.com: http://xseedfinance.hyipnews.com/. We wish the administration luck and we hope that XSeed Finance will stay in HYIP industry for a long time.


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