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Todays news came from AssetManagement. Another telephone support number has been added and this time it is in India and it has been

Today's news came from AssetManagement ( Another telephone support number has been added and this time it is in India and it has been added for Indian community. The phone number is +91.9822113402. The administration of the program asks you to call if you have any questions regarding provided services or problems with investing. By the way, there are three phone numbers of three program's offices.

The main office is located in Denmark and the contact support phone number is +45.27328898. There is also a support telephone number for Americans and all English-speakers +1.5743047765. The US office is located in Indiana. Of course, contacting via phone is the fastest and the most effective way, however, you should not forget about the FAQ page at which is actually one of the most detailed I've ever seen. You can find it on Contact Us page and it says All Answers here. It seems like it's true.

There are also other ways to contact the support team. For example, by filling out the request form on a Contact Us page (it is promised that your inquiry will be answered within 24 hours) or you can contact them via e-mail ( There is no possibility of contacting live, however it is better than those cases when admins place live support icons which do not work, transfer to usual form or the support team is never online.

AssetManagement was launched 42 days ago and has been monitored by since then. It has a PAYING status and has proved itself a good program. It offers 1.3-1.5% daily for a term of up to 365 days. The minimum amount to invest is $10 which is affordable for most investors. The maximum allowed deposit is %100,000. The referral commission at is 5%.

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