Updated: 12/02/2010 16:13
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Error 404 means that the page you requested does not exist. Such an error can be seen on the site Because the index page which starts any site is not there. Just like there is no project called BasketInv. One of our readers told us about his experience of investing in this project:

Just want to share my bad experience with this site, invested $ 16.75 only and after a week of investing my funds total is $ 22.27 so I decide to withdraw my funds to test if its a scam, but sadly they are SCAM, according to TOS withdrawal is made within 24 hours, but already been a week and nothing! so decided to cancel my withdrawal and try to reinvest it again, after that my funds are in my account balance but you cannot reinvest nor withdraw, just stuck inside that web: (already send a support ticket twice but still nothing. Want to share this so nobody will be a victim by this SCAM site.

This email has been received today. Of course, no one can become a victim of BasketInv anymore because the website is unavailable. Moreover, the project stopped paying back in May 2010 and if the site has only recently disappeared, the first mistake of our reader is that he did not check the status of the program on monitors. The status has been NOT PAYING for half a year. What was the second mistake of the investor? What do you think? The most correct and useful answers will be rewarded (3 points collected by your comment = $1 more here (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant)). Any response will bring you at least 1 point of reputation. The correct answer will bring not less than 3. offer such investment plans: "103% after 1 day, 107% after 2 days, 116% after 4 days". I want to tell you that investing in this project was not a mistake, because these plans are not signs of scam or something like that. It was a paying on expiry program offering only 3% of pure profit per day. I think your experience will tell you the right answer ;)

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