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Lea, the admin of LionsSociety has announced the implementation of new design and a better and safer concept for LionsSociety. In the new concept the insurance fund will be known as LSHYPER. The income under LSHYPER will be generated from HYPER compounding in different HYI programs. Under it 10% of all the investments will be used in Real Estate. Lea thinks that this way higher return will be possible in the long run. But for some time the weekly earnings will remain around the same level as now.

Something new that has been added to the program is LSREALITY. Under this 100% income will be generated based on future real estate projects and real estate management. The interest payments will be variable and payments will be once a week on Thursday. Lea thinks that it will be an excellent income stream for long term investors and she says that you can expect your principle back within 5-7 months. It is also possible that there might be very high returns. Lea also explained Real Estate Management which you can find quoted below:

On real estate management, we manage properties and apartments for clients on a short term renting basis. There will be WiFi Internet, a maid and laundry service and other great services people might search for in different parts of the world. I will include a full report on FlaxTalk soon.

Another investment plan that has been added to the new LionsSociety is LSSHARES. LSSHARES will be the section for shareholders of LionSociety. The money for shareholders will be generated with Real Estate, FlaxHost, FlaxAds, FlaxExchange and other future businesses. Lea says that in the initial days shareholders might not get to see high returns but in the long run the shareholders will enjoy profit the most.

Lea has also planned to make a marketplace to resell the shares among the shareholders. Shareholders will also enjoy a special area where movies, pictures and papers of the business that Lea will be involved in. Another great feature will be the voting right for the shareholders. That means shareholders will enjoy the decision making power in LionsSociety. The return will be calculated depending upon the number of shares with an investor.

The new website is almost ready and just need the database to be transferred and few features need to be tested according to Lea. Shareholders will be the first one to access the website first followed by early investors. As a shareholder of LionsSociety you will receive a special gift and some powers that others will not be able to enjoy. LionsSociety started its journey in May 2010 as a referral-back system. There were many requests to create a pool of investing which led to the birth the insurance funds which accepted external funds.

Lea thanks the shareholders with the help of whom she was able to develop some side business like involving herself in parking spots in Hong Kong, Macua and Shanghai. After that Lea started investment in real estate which involved dealing with brokers, agents and individuals. Lea also informs that some side businesses are about to come up like FlaxAds and FlaxHosts which will give a side stream income. Flaxtalk is just getting bigger and bigger and I hope it will prove itself as a great source of online earning for the investors in the coming days.

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