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Here you can find out about most important events that have taken place in the market of high yield online investing over the past three days (11/30...

Here you can find out about most important events that have taken place in the market of high yield online investing over the past three days (11/30/2010-12/02/2010). We have read all known blogs, checked all known forums and tried to gather all the facts that reflect the situation in HYIP field. We are confident that this will help you make the right decision. About everything that is happening now, will happen coming weekend and early next week, read in the next release of our survey, which is scheduled for next Wednesday. We wish you successful investments.

Openings. In this column we traditionally tell about projects that have been mentioned in separate publications (reviews or interviews) or have just started working and appeared in HYI-related information sources. This weeks such programs are Avatar Surf (avatarsurf.com), Finansima (finansima.com), Able-assets (able-assets.com), bestemoneys (bestemoneys.com), Alansteam (Alansteam.com) that offers 2-3% daily for 365 days and UnicornInv's (unicorninv.com)

Be careful. Despite all the promises and efforts SWProfits has not managed to take hold. Firstly, there are many complaints that the delays have exceeded 72 hours (the administration promised that it would be the deadline for the delay). Secondly, the history of payments on the site has turned into a fake one.

Events. Red Orchid Invest (redorchidinvest.com) has been offline today due to an accounting error. CazaInvestment (cazainvestment.com) has finally solved its problems and now pays out almost without delays. The news about the fact that someone has started blackmailing FelixFunds (felixfunds.com) somehow passed by us. This group of people demanded to pay $1k for not attacking the program with DDoS. Of course, no one paid the money, therefore the website was available intermittently. Actually the method of DDoS attacks has become very popular recently. For example, FxEconomy (fxeconomy.com) and DailyGains (daily-gains.com) suffered from it the other day. FxEconomy has changed hosting and continues working, however daily-gains.com is unavailable. A new program in our catalog called FxCambier has experienced problems with DdoS despite the fact that they had worked for only a few days (!). Looks like someone does not want new projects to exist.

A relatively new project called AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com) has started a referral contest. A $20 bonus will be allocated to the first 50 members who make deposits of not less than $100 via AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney in certain plans. The bonuses will not be available for withdrawal but only added to the plan in which you made your original deposit. This contest will be running until Sunday December 5th or until a total of 50 are given.

HYIP Blogs.
Let's start with investment projects which were compared by Ecommerce-Journal. This week they have analyzed Real Profit Day (realprofitday.com), Jte Dollar Investment (jtedollar.com), Profit Eu (profiteu.com) and Hyip Investment (hyipinvestment.biz). Jte Dollar Investment won in the first battle. No one won in the battle of Profit Eu and Hyip Investment. Each of them won in two categories. For example, we invested in both of them. And regarding Real Profit Day and Jte Dollar Investment, I prefer not to invest in either of them.

Frank from http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com has written an interesting article in his blog about the current alignment of forces, as well as expressed his opinion on what is happening in the investment world. He determined the leaders and called the best programs in his opinion. We quote this part of the publication, but we recommend you reading it in full.

  • What can I say about the fairly new PandaTrade, TetraMetals and the august release Invest Platforms ? They really offer solid HYIP investment products and so far so good!
  • The oldest HYIP on my portfolio is of course the famous CherryShares but I decided to get my money out of it for a while. My preferred FenixTrust takes its place, with which Im well in profit since several weeks. Im not mentionning CompaxTrade too often but when the money keeps going my way, I simply dont have much to say!
  • Being the newest addition to my HYIP portfolio Smartex Investment and Vetco Gray still have to prove themselves to become reliable HYIPs. Still, Im confident to complete my 30 days plan with Smartex Investment and Im not shy to say that Vetco Gray still overcome many new HYIPs in quality.

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