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Just recently we wrote that FinFunds announced a "limited time offer: Limited Offer From FinFunds and today there is another special offer in my...

Just recently we wrote that FinFunds announced a "limited time offer”: Limited Offer From FinFunds and today there is another special offer in my inbox. This time it is from If we look through our inbox I'm sure we can find at least a dozen of different bonuses and special offers that are taking place at the moment. I'm not talking about the different contests which are started every day and there are more of them each day. How to treat them? Are they good or bad?

Of course, it all depends on the situation and your investment strategy. There isn't only one correct decision in this case and I can think of only one solution: to observe those programs that announce some special offers and to see what happens with them after that. However, there are a few general rules. Firstly, a too lucrative offer is most likely a sign of fraud. Secondly, programs that offer significant bonuses and additions after a long period of operating are closed in at least 50% of all cases.

The remaining bonuses and special offers can be divided into several basic types. They all are designed primarily for marketing purposes, meaning for taking a particular place in the market. Those are starting bonuses, bonuses-contests and bonuses-motivation. I think their purpose and form are clear by looking at the titles. All of them are not as dangerous as the bonuses that are offered at the end of the work and lead to closure.

Let's take a look at two examples, that the above-mentioned offers: " gives bonuses - $ 30. Mandatory conditions - must be reported on the payments into 3 forum (your choice) if you want to get the bonus tell us your username using the feedback form”. In this case we deal with a marketing bonus, which aims to intensify the work of investors and encourage them to report about received payments. Bonuses are not significant and do not seem to be suspicious. The conditions of receiving these bonuses are clear and have clear objectives.

We will try to trace at least some of these "special” offers in the future in order to learn more about this aspect of investing. And, accordingly, to better understand how to treat them. Stay with us.

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