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No one except for the administration of a project called CherryShares knows for sure what really happened to it. Whatever it is, an error 504 (Gateway...

No one except for the administration of a project called CherryShares knows for sure what really happened to it.
Whatever it is, an error 504 (Gateway Time-out) was displayed at instead of the usual simple site last weekend.
It had been possible to earn 1% a day for two years and now it is impossible.

We won't take your time and try to make pointless guesses. The world of high-yield online investments is challenging and quickly changing. A cash flow is an important factor in this market as well as it always has to move forward.

Moreover, there are no hidden and serious reasons for the closure of CherryShares. It is even hard to name the lessons which you can learn from this story. If every program worked like CherryShares and on the same terms, the world of online investments would be completely different. Therefore if you lost your money in this program, don't be upset. Of course, investing in it hasn't been recommended for a past month but even professionals could not say for sure that CherryShares would not operate till next year.

Probably the administration was trying to survive by lowering interest rates and it is obvious that they had to do that. It is absolutely clear that CS had no chances to keep operating after the disappearance of the website four days ago. And there is also another unanswered question: if the absence of the website was the last main problem, had someone caused it?

Most likely, investors simply did not agree with the decreasing of their profit. They did not understand it and did not agree to such rules. No matter how hard the administration tried to prolong the lifetime of CherryShares, it was impossible to do that unless there were new deposits. And new deposits are never made without trust. Moreover, you should not forget about the "special" terms of CherryShares according to which you could not have profit even two weeks after you make a deposit.

The critical level of distrust was reached unexpectedly for even the administration of the program. They were actively using Facebook (carried out different promotions), they ordered a positive promotional article in Ecommerce-Journal, they admitted the lack of funds. However, the necessary amount of funds was not gathered at some point of time and... a dot. One more page in the history of HYIP has been turned.

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