Updated: 12/07/2010 18:01
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Spam is a common thing not only on the Internet but also in the world of high-yield investments. Spam with forged sender's name is common too. So, last weekend, many investors did not just receive a whole range of spam offers, they got a whole set of spam offers with scam contents signed by admin@goldpoll.com!

One of the emails refers to those who are in a difficult situation now. It begins with the words: "Crisis? There is no money for payment of purchases? The reason of Crisis At us In a Head." And proposes to solve the problem with the help of a project called libpermom.com which offers 200% After 1 Day. This is pure deception. Another email offers even more favorable terms. 1,000% After 1 Minute, 15,000% After 1 Hour and 50,000% After 10 Hours. The most wonderful line in this email is: All monitorings staus PaYinG!!!

The third email advertises another project which is called taivin.com: “It is offering the following plans: 1000% After 3 Hours, 50% Hourly for 24 Hours, 150% Hoyrly for 4 Hours! For firs $ 70 deposit you will get instant $ 100 additional bonus right to your account!". Moreover, this scam has another domain name http://daividu.com. The thing is that such extremely profitable offers are made and find their victims because many people always think “What if?” and make a deposit hoping that even if there is a 1000 to 1 chance of winning, they might have $50,000 after 10 hours if they invest $1 (as in above mentioned plan 50,000% After 10 Hours). But such “What if?”s don’t work in such cases.

By the way, a sender’s name can be forged in two main ways. The qualitative method: you get an email from an address which contains a domain name that is known to you (after @). A poor quality way of forgery is addressed to naive recipients and means a registration of famous names on free email services.

For example, a few months ago, one investor started sending out advertising offers and proposing services of hyipnews.com to the programs from the address hyipnewspr@yahoo.com. Naturally, we didn’t know about it and didn’t offer any services in such way. Fortunately, some administrators were smart enough to check out our website and contact us via our official email address. Unfortunately, several of them were not smart enough to at least check out our site and compare the offered information with the official one.

Be vigilant.

, HYIPNews.com

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