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The administration of FelixFund (Felixfund.com) has recently updated the news section on their website. On 30th November 2010 the administration announced a new Promo Plan. It was said that the plan was introduced on many request made by the members. The plan was named as Winter Holiday Plan (Promo) and offered 117% after 15 days with principle included.

In the recent update the administration expressed unhappiness after seeing the response that this new plan received from the members. It has been informed that this new plan did not receive much success and it was especially disappointing for the administration as the plan was requested by the members themselves. To cover up the administration has decided to offer a bonus of 5% on investment of $200 or more. So if anyone makes an investment of $200 then there will be a $10 (5% of 200) bonus that will be added to your investment amount. It is important to note that the bonus will be added to your investment amount and it will not be available for withdrawal.

Why the new plan did not met success? Was it attractive enough? Let us take a look at the new plan. As I already mentioned above the plan is 117% after 15 days with principle included. So it means that after 15 days you will get 17% interest/profit only (more risk less reward), meaning a profit of 1.13% per day which is even below the regular plans that are offered at FelixFunds. Another reason could be the lack of trust of investors in paid at expiry (long period) plans and especially the introduction of such plan at the beginning of December (Black December) during which many investors decide to stay away from this industry.

December will be a good test for this program so let us see how this program performs in the coming days. You can find all the details regarding this program in the review published here: FelixFunds Short Review.

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