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Today we want to introduce a mediumterm program called ProfitEu ( It was added to HYIPNews catalog 12 days ago, therefore we had enough...

Today we want to introduce a medium-term program called ProfitEu ( It was added to HYIPNews catalog 12 days ago, therefore we had enough time to see what kind of program it is. Now lets take a look at its general features.

Investment Plans. There are three investment plans at, however there is basically one plan. The terms are the same and your interest will depend on the amount of your deposit. Therefore the more you invest “ the more profit you make. You should keep in mind that principal is included in your profit and is not returned at the end of investment period in all plans.

  • The first plan offers 3% daily for 50 business days (Monday through Friday) which is a total of 10 weeks. The minimum required deposit is affordable for everyone and is $5. The maximum deposit is $4,999.
  • The second investment plan will bring you 3.5% daily for 50 business days. This plan is for those who are willing to spend at least $5,000. The maximum allowed amount of deposit is $9,999.
  • The third plan is the most profitable one and offers 4% daily for 50 business days in case if you are rich enough to invest $10,000. The maximum deposit is limited by $50,000.

As you can see, the most affordable and therefore the most popular plan is the first one. And now lets see how profitable it is. Lets assume that you invest $100. Your daily profit is going to be $3. You will start receiving pure profit only after 34 payments ($3*34=$102) which is almost 7 weeks later after you make a deposit. Your total return is going to be $150. However, as you remember, your principal is included therefore your pure profit is $50.

Referral Program. The referral commission at is 5%. You will receive it for every user signed up under your referral. This commission is always 5%, no matter how much money is invested by your referral and is paid only for the first deposit. This referral commission will be automatically added to your account balance, and then you will be able to use it for investing in ProfitEU or you can withdraw it.

Payment Options. The list of payment options is not very long. The only accepted e-currencies are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

General Website Features. The script of is licensed (GoldCoders). In general, the website of ProfitEU is easy to navigate and user-friendly. There is a minimum set of sections and it is not overloaded with information. The account registration is simple and doesnt take a lot of time.

Security Features. The website is hosted on a dedicated server and supported and DDoS protected by KoDDos. However, ProfitEU is not SSL encrypted.

Contact Methods. The only way to contact the support team of the program is via the ticketing form that can be found on Support page at There you should choose a department which you are willing to contact and fill out the form with the required information.

In general, ProfitEU has showed quite good results over 12 days that it has been monitored by The program was launched on November 18, 2010 and has been paying out without problems since then. You all know that now is a difficult time for HYIP industry and we wish the administration of the program to succeed and keep operating next year.


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