Updated: 12/09/2010 12:31
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The world of highyield investments keeps surprising. We have been investing for more than five years. Every day we face human greed, narrow...

The world of high-yield investments keeps surprising. We have been investing for more than five years. Every day we face human greed, narrow-mindedness and widespread fraud. However, the organizers of such awards as Supreme Online Awards (SOA) and Ecommerce Journal Awards (EJA2010) have managed to surprise us by showing how everything is done in reality.

It all started about 2 weeks ago when we discovered that HYIPNews.com had been included in the list of nominees for "Best Monitoring" and "Best Blog". We were very glad at first because last year no one thought it was necessary to nominate us. Moreover, our participation in these polls is not beneficial for those who need to win. Because one way or another, but HYIPNews.com would take away a substantial share of votes. Maybe we could no longer be ignored or they initially wanted to make us lose. Nobody, of course, notified us and only because of our awareness we did not miss the vote.

We placed the forms for voting and announced the nominations in our news. A few days later our loyal audience made it possible for us to approach the leaders of the poll and confidently take the "inconvenient" (for those leaders) position. Thats when the problems started. At first, our readers informed us that some votes were not recorded on EJA2010. They were getting different errors and the percentage rating was not changing. We watched the process of voting record for several days and noticed a clear pattern: HYIPNews.com loses a few percents of votes as soon as the number of fans voted for it is bigger than the other participants. We began to realize that something was wrong and lost interest in participating in such questionable activities. Nevertheless, having apparently strong position, the second place was guaranteed for us, which is quite satisfactory considering that HYIPNews was nominated for the first time. The thing is that our position in the list is not important, only audience that supports us is important to us because we work for them.

And imagine how surprised we were when after a weekend the percentage rating has changed manyfold. Meaning we did not just lose a few percents of votes but ten at once. After this the percent rating stabilized once again and remained at a new level as if nothing had happened. Of course, we can assume that such differences are just coincidence but these coincidences are far too regular and timely. 200 people unexpectedly came and voted when necessary. After all, it is not even know how many people should vote to make such a dramatic change. The figures are not displayed. We c onsidered the participation in this event not just doubtful but rather unpleasant.

We contacted the administration of EJC, demanding to exclude HYIPNews.com from the poll. We believe this competition is not objective and pointless. The absence of record of votes is the additional evidence of this. And the fact that there are no blogs the audience of which is similar to other participants is another proof. By the way, another thing regarding the record of votes. For example, on SOA they openly display the number of visitors who support each site. The dynamics can be clearly seen according to these figures. About 20 people a day vote for us, slightly less than for the leader of this poll. Imagine our surprise when, within one or two days about 100 votes were added!

Having seen such development of the situation on SOA, we realized why MNO voluntarily refused to participate in this contest. The principle of work on SOA does not differ from EJA2010. Just ordering parties are different. We took part in them just hoping that nobody would cheat so openly and wouldnt use the name of HYIPNews.com for their own self-affirmation. However, these guys very quickly showed us how things work. After all, each of them pretends to be the most honest and direct one. But all methods are good in the marketing. The goal is the main concern here. They simply do not respect their audience.

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