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Unfortunately, it was impossible to release HYIP Information Survey scheduled for Wednesday. Therefore, the release of the survey that you are reading...
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Unfortunately, it was impossible to release HYIP Information Survey scheduled for Wednesday. Therefore, the release of the survey that you are reading...

Unfortunately, it was impossible to release HYIP Information Survey scheduled for Wednesday. Therefore, the release of the survey that you are reading now is strictly historical in nature, since it covers events that started taking place a week ago. Meaning here is everything that happened in the HYIP Industry starting on 12/03/2010 and ending on 12/09/2010. Why should it be interesting for you? Because everything that will happen within the next week (or more) is a consequence of what happened during the past week. And it is not a secret that knowing about current events will allow you to make a more successful decision. Do not forget that in our surveys we try to cover all the events that have not been highlighted on the pages of HYIPNews.com before. Therefore, for the full picture, you can use the archive available on the main page (the calendar in the right column). We wish you successful investing.

Openings. According to our observations, the average number of new programs that appear on monitors is 50 a week (30 in summer). However, only some of them start actively developing, order reviews, interviews and appear in blogs. Here is a list of such programs:

Finansima (finansima.com)
Profit Status (profitstatus.com)
Vistaprolife (vistaprolife.com) - 2.5-3% daily for 60 days
Moneyincrement (moneyincrement.com) - 2-4% daily for 60 days
Topcapitalist.com - 1.5-2.3% daily for 100 days
Safecapital (safecapital.biz)
Waterstockcompany (waterstockcompany.com) - 0.3-2.7% daily for 350 days
Fxband (Fxband.com) - 1.8-2.5% daily for 1 month
Catalyst-funds (catalyst-funds.com)
LrPmBrokers (lrpmbrokers.com)
MetalicFund (metalicfund.com)
The brand new RealFunds (realfunds.net) program is the latest addition to the listing.
Profit Status (profitstatus.com)

Be careful. RedOrchidInvest (redoinvest.com) has been actively promoting its competitions and various events for the past few weeks. Judging from the lifetime of this project, these activities can mean a soon closure. On the other hand, it is possible that such marketing activities are aimed to reduce the risks caused by the low investors activity during the holidays. Having the additional capital, RedOrchidInvest may well overcome the period of a "dry season". But if they fail to form a cash stock, investors' funds are going to be at risk. Remember that holidays are coming and many HYIPs start having problems. GloTrade (glo-trade.com) started paying selectively. Emails from investors are unanswered and the program has already changed its AP account. OnlineMoneyInvest (online-money-invest.com) has added two new unrealistic plans: 222% after 1 day ($200 minimum to invest) and 222% after 12 hours ($500 minimum to invest), which is clearly a red flag. Besides, we have received a Scam Alert regarding Daividu.com. Stay away from it.

Problems. Able-assets (able-assets.com) has informed about the DDoS. FelixFunds (felixfunds.com) has also faced the same problems this week. It seems like DDoS battle is a usual thing now and its time to make a separate column for reporting about all DDoS attacks.

Events. AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com) keeps developing. They changed banners in the beginning of this week. EzProfit (ez-profit.net), which has been warned about for a long time (including us) has officially confirmed the problems with payments for the first time. A few days later payments were resumed but the claims regarding closed plans and selective payouts remained. Ez-profit.net is clearly not the best of the existing HYIPs. Hosting provider BlackLotus had extended maintenance for a few days which caused inaccessibility of some sites. Unfortunately, the exact list of such sites and those on which the maintenance at Black Lotus influenced is unknown. TerraProfits (terra-profits.com) added a new language “ Spanish. ECashBroker (ecashbroker.com) has added two more payment processors (PerfectMoney and AlertPay).

Closures. The largest and most significant closure was, of course, the closure of CherryShares (cherryshares.com). On this occasion, we can say the same as about the death of an old man: the time has come. However, apart from CS, many other projects which time had not come also closed. First of all, it is CazaInvestment (cazainvestment.com). We were about to write a warning on Wednesday but it was too late. At first the project started paying selectively and then completely stopped paying. Although the problems had been taking place for several weeks and we were attentively keeping track of them. I hope you are familiar with our previous survey releases because all the problems which CazaInvestment faced in its work were mentioned there. I hope it helped you not to lose money. By the way, CompaxTrade was also shut down last week. AvatarSurf has also unexpectedly closed. We are glad that we didnt invest in it.

HYIP Forums. Warnings that AlertPay is scam have recently appeared on DTM. Periodically, such accusations appear regarding any project and especially regarding the payment systems. If you are interested, we recommend you exploring this topic: dreamteammoney.com/index.php showtopic=110987&pid=1591899&st=10&#entry1591899. Besides, we also found out about the warnings regarding exchanger Exeauto.com.  Be careful.

HYIP Blogs.
Lets start with battles of investment projects that are carried out by Ecommerce-Journal. There have been 6 battles over the past week and some of them are quite controversial. For example Sibet (sibet.uk.com ) and Alliance Advantage (alliance-advantage.com) were compared. We published a warning regarding Sibet and in general this project does not look attractive at all. At least it did not win in this battle. However, a program called Online Money Invest (online-money-invest.com), which seems to be gathering money before leaving won in the battle with Roma Daily (romadaily.com). It is a great advertising before closure for online-money-invest.com. Here are other battles which are less controversial:

  • Informal Investors (informal-investors.com) VS Diamond Star (diamondstarfund.com). Informal-investors wins in 2 categories while Diamondstarfund wins in 5 categories.
  • The Brand Invest (thebrandinvest.com) vs. London Stock Invest (londonstockinvest.com): Thebrandinvest wins in 5 categories whereas Londonstockinvest wins in 2 categories.
  • Italy Investimento (italyinvestimento.com) vs. Euro Wide Trade (eurowidetrade.com): Italyinvestimento wins in 2 categories and Eurowidetrade wins in 4 categories.

In early December our colleague Tony HYIPBlogger released a great publication, many thoughts of which we fully share. For example, we agree that one of the main problems in the industry is that investors are not sufficiently independent and do not want to study: "Most of the people in the world don't have the disposable income they had a few years ago, and that simple fact is hurting the HYIP industry. We're seeing smaller investment amounts and fewer new investors." He also names other several interesting factors that shake the stability of the industry. We recommend you reading this entire article here: http://www.hyipblogger.com/2105/hyip-talk-123/

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