Updated: 12/10/2010 15:25
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The program called RussianOilFunds is famous for its regular updates and informing investors about everything that happens

The program called RussianOilFunds ( is famous for its regular updates and informing investors about everything that happens in the project. The last news from the administration of this program has been recently received informing about the changing of hosting provider. Now it is now hosted by BlockDos which is one of the best in the industry:

“This is due to our growing popularity and going into the busiest internet activity of the holidays. Our upgrades throughout the day will allow us to handle our growing popularity and any attacks against us. As usual with server upgrades of this magnitude, different people will access the site before others. It depends on your Internet Service Provider.”

Initially, the decision to change the hosting provider was made due to the announced extended maintenance at BlackLotus (where the program used to be hosted). The administration of RussianOilFund decided not to suffer from it and to upgrade servers and use services of BlockDos. This is a very wise decision and it shows all seriousness of this project.

It is also reminded about an "I'm a Russian Oil Fund Investor" Contest in which you can win $100. It was announced about this contest in Corporate Update 5 (we wrote about it here: RussianOilFund Corporate Update and a New Contest). This is a month long Twitter and Facebook contest with $500 prize fund. The rules are simple: the more you Tweet and the more you share – the better your chances of winning are! Use the Sweepstakes tab on our Facebook page to invite your friends list to the contest.

Enter via Facebook: Share it to your news feeds and use the invite feature to increase your chances of winning! Enter via Twitter: Re-Tweeting by entering on the link daily increases your chances of winning!

We wish everyone luck in this contest and remind that RussianOilFunds has been monitored by for 49 days and has a PAYING status: You can find all news about this program published at here: Search for hyips news from

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