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William, the admin of XSeedFinance has sent out a newsletter explaining some issues that caused confusion among investors

William, the admin of XSeedFinance (xseedfinance.com) has sent out a newsletter explaining some issues that caused confusion among investors. He received a few queries from investors who did not receive deposit confirmation emails after making deposits. And here is the explanation of the problem. The thing is that it is necessary to click on the “Return to merchant” link after completing the payment process and return to the website. If you do so, you will receive a deposit confirmation email but even if you forget to click it, there is no need to worry because the administration of XSeedFinance checks all deposits manually. Even if the email confirming deposit is not sent, your deposit will be activated and you will get your interest payments.

It is also informed that some minor changes are going to be made in the investment form on the website because of confusion regarding referral program:

“We had investors entering some usernames and other invalid data in the “Referred By” field instead of LR/PM account numbers. So, now we have disabled the “Referred by” field for manual entry. The user has to arrive on our site using a valid referral link. Else the default value will be set to “None”.”

As you know from our Review of XSeedFinance.com: XSeed Finance Short Review there are two different referral links in this program. You should use them depending on which payment processor you want to receive your referral commission to.

There are two options: LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney:
For Liberty Reserve users:
http://www.xseedfinance.com/?lr=U1234567 (Replace U1234567 with your LR account number)

For Perfect Money users:
http://www.xseedfinance.com/?pm=U1234567 (Replace U1234567 with your PM account number)

William encourages everyone to take advantage of the referral program offered at XSeedFinance.com and asks to contact the support team by email or live chat if you have any questions.

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