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FXCambier (fxcambier.com) is another recently added program in our catalog and now is great time to review it. It has been monitored by HYIPNews.com...

FXCambier (fxcambier.com) is another recently added program in our catalog and now is great time to review it. It has been monitored by HYIPNews.com for 13 days and can be found in our HYIP-list here. FXCambier started its business in 2002 trading in the Foreign Exchange market. However, business of the company is not limited to Forex, they are also engaged in Stock trading and Real Estate. The program appeared online on November 28, 2010 and has become quite popular since then.

Investment Plans.
FXCambier has 5 investment plans to offer. Before we start analyzing them, I should mention that your principal is going to be returned at the end of the investment term and compounding is available in all plans.

  • The Starter Plan: 1.3% daily for 45 business days. The minimum required deposit is affordable for every investor and is just $3. The maximum amount to invest in this plan is $5,000.

Let's see how much money you will make in this plan if you invest $100. You will receive $1.3 daily for 45 business days, which is $58.5 after 9 calendar weeks + your principal $100. As you can see the total is $158.5 and pure profit is $58.5.

  • The Beyond Plan: 1.45% daily for 60 business days. The minimum amount is not large at all as well. You can invest in it if you have $7 and you can not invest more than $10,000.

Well, how much will you make in this plan if you invest $100? Let's see. Each day will bring you $1.45 which is $87 after 12 calendar weeks. $87 is your pure profit because your $100 is going to be returned and you will have a total of $187. This plan is more profitable but it is also riskier because you have to wait longer for your principal.

  • The Advance Plan: 1.60% daily for 90 business days. The minimum is $50 and the maximum is unlimited.

You can also invest in this plan if you have $100 and your daily income will be $1.6 that is $144 after 18 calendar weeks + $100 principal ($244 total). As you can see, you can choose between 3 plans if you have $100 and your decision should be made depending on whether you are a risk-taker or not. If you are “ the Advance Plan is the best choice for you.

  • The Executive Plan: 1.73% daily for 100 business days. The required minimum is much larger here and is $500. The maximum is unlimited.
  • The Netpreneur Plan: 1.87% daily for 120 business days. This plan is for you if you wish to invest $1,100 or more.

Referral Program. The administration of FXCambier believes that any business needs a referral program and their program is not an exception. You can earn 5% of your referrals' deposits. Your referral link can be found in the member area.

Payment Options.
FXCambier accepts a standard set of e-currencies. They are PerfectMoney, LibertyReserver and AlertPay.

General Website Features.
The design of the website is professional-looking and contains all important imformation. The investment plans are presented on a main page where you can also use a profit calculator. It is very convenient because you will see how much you will make in each plan with a chosen compounding rate. The texts used at Fxcambier seem to be original and not overwritten. Another advantage is a licensed script from Goldcoders.

Security Features. The site is hosted on a dedicated KoDDos server. It is also DDoS protected by KoDDos which is definitely a good and reliable protection provider. SSL encryption is also present on the website and is provided by the market leader Comodo. As you can see, all most important security features are present at Fxcambier.com.

Contact Methods.
You can find an address, a phone number, a fax number and an e-mail address on «Contact Us» page:
Address: 404 Albany House, 324-326 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH, U.K
Phone support: +44 20 3239 1081 (available 8 am - 12 pm EST)
Fax: +44 705 369 3660
E-mail: [email protected]

You may also fill out a support form or contact the support department via live chat. It is clear that the administration of Fcxambier has chosen to provide as many contact methods as possible for investors.

The general impression is great. The program looks professional, it is promoted and discussed on forums and listed on many monitors. You can follow it on Twitter or Facebook. The choice whether to invest in FXCambier or not is up to you and we hope you know more about this program after reading our review.

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