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Today we have informed you about the new pdf presentations at : PandaTrade Presentation in 30 Languages . There are presentations in 30...

Today we have informed you about the new pdf presentations at PandaTrade Presentation in 30 Languages. There are presentations in 30! languages that introduce basic information on the program in a very professional way. It appears that Pandatrade is not the only program that has recently implemented such possibility.

Another program where you can see presentations is LandBankInvest ( As you probably know, there were 6 of them and this time 5 more presentations in docx format have been added: in Japanese, Portuguese, German, Russian and Hindi languages. It won't take much time for you to download them and they will tell you about the main aspects of operating at (for example, English version is 677KB). Even though it is not as bright and beautiful as at PandaTrade, the desire of the administration to develop is highly appreciated.

I remind you that LandBankInvest has been monitored by HYIPNews for 123 days and is currently on the 6th position which makes it one of the leaders in our catalog. It offers 0.4-2.5% daily for a term of 15-150 days. The minimum investment is just $1 which makes it affordable for every investor.

Another program that is developing by adding new languages is Walwex ( However, we are not talking about the presentations but about the possibility of surfing the website in different languages. It has been recently announced that the website is now available in French. Therefore you can use it in three languages: English, Russian and French. Don't be misled by the fact that there are 6 language icons because only three of them function. I suppose those other languages are also going to be added.

By the way, has been just recently added to our catalog: and a Short Review of this program is going to be published this week. Therefore stay tuned!

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