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If you want to be aware of the latest events in the world of highyield investments, read our HYIP Information Survey. In order to clearly understand...

If you want to be aware of the latest events in the world of high-yield investments, read our HYIP Information Survey. In order to clearly understand how the world of high-yield investments develops, take a look at this link: /news/warnings/ We try to provide you with all the most valuable information about everything happening around in one publication. Now you are reading a publication which focuses on new programs, new risks and new information that will help you make the right investment decision. The depth of this survey is 5 days. It tells about all the most important events that took place in the period from 12/10/2010 to 12/14/2010.

Last week, the following programs have been showing PR activity: RealFunds (realfunds.net), PrimitiveMoney (primitive-money.com), PrimoEarnings (primoearnings.com), Lion Funds (lionfunds.net), Miyp (Miyp.net), Endlessbucks (Endlessbucks.com), Rwminvest (Rwminvest.com), ProfitixGroup (profitixgroup.com) and GoldMiningFund (goldminingfund.com)

Be careful.
Due to payment delays and actually complete stop of operation of Flamanta, the operation of project's clone called Smartex-Investment (smartex-investment.com) is also doubtful. The number of plans fully corresponds to the number of plans at Flamanta.com. The only difference is a few tenths of a percent, which bring profit for the administration of Smartex-Investment. Of course, they might operate for up to 90 days as an independent project but considering the lack of communication and independent marketing strategy such term can be considered a success.

Closures. The following programs have closed this week: OnlineMoneyInvest, Profit Status, Compax Trade, Avatar Surf and SWProfits.

MetalicFund (metalicfund.com) has sent out its first newsletter. MNO has traditionally started actively supporting the short-term HYIP. Able-assets (Able-assets.com) secured their protection from DdoS by Dragonara. Due to the relocation of their website it was temporarily unavailable. AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com) will have a referral contest in January. The login problems have been solved and the program is ready for a better tomorrow.

We do not know why, but the information about the problems at Unlimity (unlimity.biz) has unexpectedly appeared this week. The thing is that problems were noticed a long time ago. 

Agents Report.
One of our agents has informed about the bonus offered by the program called HighwayProfit (highwayprofit.com): 11% BONUS! to the investment of $500-25000 Promotion is valid all of December. If you go to the site of this project now, you will see a huge banner promoting this offer right on the main page. We suspect that it can be quite dangerous. On the other hand, if you like such opportunities, you should risk. However, keep in mind that you will have to risk $500 and there is a chance of losing it.

In addition, one of our agents informed us about a program called Realfunds (realfunds.net). They are not just offering more than 5% per day (though only 25 days), not only have negative comments on blogs, they also officially have problems with payments via PM (possibly due to PM maintenance).

Scheduled unavailability of the website Perfectmoney.com, which was scheduled for Saturday (December 11, 2010 from 10.00 to 20.00 GMT+1) lasted longer than planned. The same happened with LibertyReserve maintenance that took place two weeks ago. It seems like no one has been harmed.

HYIP Blogs.
In the period that this survey covers, Lea Gao published an article on her website telling how to become a smarter investor. In addition, you can find several other advices in this article and of course, a personal example of the Flaxn team, their successes and plans: http://www.flaxtalk.com/content/getting-rich-part-1-533/

Frank, the author of The Private HYIP Blog published an article called the 10 Principles for the Common Sense Investor (http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2010/12/10/10-principles-for-the-common-sense-investor/). It might be interesting for you. For example, unlike many other people (and we share this point of view) Frank believes that investing is not a game. Of course, you can call your lost money played through just to becalm yourself but the investment is unlikely to be successful without systematic approach. For more see the link.

ECJ continues developing its advertising services for HYIPs and increasingly promotes investment projects. Battles of Investment Projects are now published almost every day. In addition, they started offering their customers a variety of PR services. We will track out the programs that promote with the help of these tools, as this may affect their success. And, of course, we continue tracking out the participants of the battles.

Having compared Fx Band (fxband.com) and Salamika (salamika.com) it was decided that Fxband won. There is no winner in the battle between Prosperous Financial (prosperous-financial.com) and Business Level (businesslevel.biz ) (each project won in three categories). The same result is in the battle between Lrpm Brokers (lrpmbrokers.com) and Invest Division (investdivision.com). Both of them are low-quality.

HYIP Forums. A program that offers the highest known interest has been detected on DTM: 90000% after 1 minute! Shortly after that, this record-breaking project appeared in our forum. Of course, this is scam. As we have already written, the aim of such projects is to get money from those who risk a small amount of money hoping for "what if".

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