Updated: 12/15/2010 15:48
Hyip Monitor
We have to report that three programs at once have been moved to Onhold status in our HYIP-list

We have to report that three programs at once have been moved to Onhold status in our HYIP-list: hyip monitor. They are Flamanta ( AckeWorld Management ( I propose to look a closer look at them and see what is going on.

Flamanta. Let's start with this program because it has been definitely one of the most popular programs and many online investors put their hope on it after the collapse of such market giants as OilStructure and CherryShares. The problems at started with problems with AlertPay. Then the administration announced about instant payouts being temporarily switched off. The instant payments have not been resumed as promised and even regular manual payouts were put on hold. Many HYIP monitors have already changed the status of the program to negative and it does not seem like Flamanta is going to start paying again. The administration is silent but the website is online and deposits are accepted therefore be careful and do not invest unless the situation changes. has been online for 152 days offering1.72-1.92% daily for 150-180 days.

AckeWorld. The payments haven't been paid out for more than 72 hours. The website is gone and has been unavailable for three days. Almost all monitors have already changed its payment status to NOT PAYING. The good thing is that now it is impossible to make deposits and the admin of this program is not trying to drain as much money as possible before leaving from the investors who do not know about the problems of The website had been online for 167 days before disappearing. The program paid 0.1-0.16% daily for a lifelong term with minimum required investment $10. With such a low interest, the program could continue gathering investors' money for a very long time but the administrator has chosen a different path for some reason. It is possible that they have faced some unexpected difficulties. In any case, they could return and resume work. Problems during a few days are not fatal with such low interest.

All these problems and possible closures are unfortunate and unexpected. The question is: Is this sacrifice to December 2010 the last one or there will be more?

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