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HYIP News. WALWEX short review. Overview of HYIP programs.

The walwex.com project is managed by "WALWEX" (Walwex Club) Group which staff includes international traders and analysts. "WALWEX" Group's main business direction is trust management at the FOREX market. The program was launched on September 9, 2010.

Investment Plans. Walwex offers only one investment plan. The profit in this plan is fixed and brings 1.5% daily. The minimum required deposit is $50 and the maximum is $50,000. The investment period is 100 days. However, your daily profit is not available for withdrawal every day – it accumulates in your account and you can withdraw it every Monday. You are asked to send "batch number" of your payment via e-mail after you make a deposit.

Well, we should admit that the minimum is clearly very high comparing to other HYIPs. I assume the administration of the program has an aim to deal with only those investors who make large deposits in order to not overload a work process by dealing with “minor” investors. Such approach is understandable but it definitely reduces a lot of potential clients. The fact that profit is paid out only once a week also makes investing in Walwex riskier than in those which pay daily and reduces even more investors because almost all of them prefer withdrawing daily. Another thing that does not look attractive for investors is that their profit does not depend on how much they invest like in other programs. However, I'm sure there are those who like the offered terms otherwise the Walwex.com would not exist.

Referral Program. The referral program at Walwex.com is fixed and offers 5% for every deposit you refer. You can find program's banners on “Affiliate Program” page.

Payment Options. Two popular payment processors are accepted at Walwex.com. They are LybertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

General Website Features. A nice customized design template is used for the website of this program. However, there are no registration and log in features as well as no member area. The deposit can be made right on “Investment Plans” page. There is also no home page but you can find a “Rate Us' page with links to all HYIP monitors where the program is listed and all HYIP forums where it is discussed. This is very convenient for all clients of Walwex because they can see a general picture of how actively the administration promotes the program. The website is multilingual and can be used in English, Russian or French.

Security Features. There is no DDoS protection on the website. SSL encryption is also not present.

Contact Methods. The only way to contact the support department at Walwex.com is via e-mail. There are two e-mail addresses:
General questions support: walwex@walwex.com
Investment questions support: deposit@walwex.com
There is no address or phone number. Live support is also unavailable as well as you can not submit a support form on the website. “Who is” check showed that whois details are privacy protected.

Walwex.com was added to the catalog at HYIPNews.com 9 days ago and can be found here: http://walwex.hyipnews.com/

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