Updated: 12/17/2010 13:50
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Only when some program closes, everyone understands that it was a scam. After that, of course, everyone says what he or she thinks about it. But as a rule, these expressions of thoughts start too late, when the situation is clear for everyone. Sometimes it is possible to predict the closure of a program but high-yield investing is really not about that. HYIP investing is primarily a science of when and where to invest.

Unfortunately, most investors are beginners. I think that more than a half of those who lose money in HYIP - lose their first deposit. That is, the first money invested in HYIP. What kind of investment culture are we talking about? Most often this is also the last deposit in HYIP. Who are we trying to teach? Actually it's not that easy to even determine when money should not be invested. Some programs do not show vital signs during all their lifetime and easily bring profit to many investors. On the other hand, some admins write masterpieces for their investors almost every day and escape after operating for a month!

Therefore I want to say again that HYIP Investing is about when and where to invest. And here appears on the stage. We show the general picture of current situation. We reflect reality. Those programs that are added to our catalog get more attention. The first thing you see is their presentation, a review. Then we try to regularly pay attention to them and to cover all the events that accompany the development of these projects. It seems that many HYI-related sources do that. But we do it systematically and with one purpose: to provide maximum information. Some do that with a purpose to promote one or the other project. However we want you to learn how to make a choice.

Program administrators learn as quickly as you do, dear investors. They read blogs too and understood the rules a long time ago: it is necessary to pay $200, then prepare an interview, periodically add some updates, respond to emails and pay. BUT, this fact does not affect the term of operation of the program and its success. Anyone can follow these simple tips, even the most depraved and slippery administrator. And you'll never know how much dangerous he was because he made the right signboard and completed the necessary ritual.

Administrators of HYIPs or should I say "HYIP operators" are also learning and constantly think about the better ways of fooling you., for example, says: an administrator should have a lot of money in order to work properly. In order to fulfill this condition, the administrator must have lots of money and invest it in promotion. This requirement is based on the simple economic law. Therefore, administrators do not really try to implement it. They understand that investors' trust is on the decrease after every high-profile event but continue operating as before. Their promoters, hired bloggers and "referral sharks" do all necessary work and they don’t need to invest tens of thousands of dollars in promotion. That's why administrators do not want to “civilize” the field of high-yield investing. They do not see why they need to get better and they are not getting better. HYIPs are the same.

That is why only independent choice, analysis of the facts and of the current situation can make it possible for you to succeed because this success will not depend on someone else's opinion and personal beliefs. Or on the scheme of selecting some monitor (which anyone can do). Professionals of high-yield investing are aware of schemes of all monitors and therefore determine their own requirements. They take into account everything that administrators of these services and greedy for profits bloggers don’t. And is a compass for those people. For those investors who have decided to become professionals, who want to make their first deposit profitable. Of course, it is necessary to read, to watch and to think but I hope it's worth it. You still want to earn, don’t you?


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