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Do you remember me saying that administrators are also learning? And they actually do it very quickly. CherryShares was closed less than thirty days...

Do you remember me saying that administrators are also learning? And they actually do it very quickly. CherryShares was closed less than thirty days ago, however a clone of this outstanding program has already attracted public attention. It is located at and almost does not differ from the original program. The keywords, the name and former glory will surely bring certain benefits to the organizers of this project. Do they pay? Quite possibly they do. Should you invest in it? According to the law of conservation of energy this project will not be able to achieve the same success as CherryShares did and you will never earn as much as you did with the original program. It will be most likely closed soon. This happens with all clones. In any case, the risk will always be double. Keep this in mind. What else is left for us from CherryShares? Lessons are.

I found the following statement on one of the blogs: "All I can tell you is not to play the game again. Learn your lesson from this fiasco and don't invest in any more HYIPs. Look what happened to Oilstructure. Same thing, That site is dead too. They all die in the end, and almost everyone loses. Don't play the game." Many readers probably know what to say to this skeptic but this is only because most of our readers invest more or less regularly and understand what they do. Those who say that some HYIP turned around their idea of the world of high-yield investments, made their deposit without understanding what they did and what they were risking.

Frank, the author of The Private HYIP Blog gave an adequate response to such people. He called his article "CherryShares and what to remember from this hot and famous HYIP SCAM". You can read it here. The first reason is completely consistent with the idea that we wrote in the previous paragraph. People invested with the belief in the reality of miracles. Who is to blame? Another reason, according to Frank, is greed. You must be able to stop and in HYIP you must be able to calmly watch as the program continues bringing profit to other investors when you have decided to stop. It is normal for our industry and professional investors know how to do it. I suggest you to read about the third reason (and a lesson) on Frank's blog.

High-yield investors are divided into several groups and those who invest in are not in the best of them. I suppose it is better to say they are not in the most profitable group. Different people invested in CherryShares too and of course, not all of them lost. Many investors have earned and not only monitors. At least 20% of investors are in profit and anyone can be among these 20%. To begin with you should pass over the program called

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